Greyhound becomes Rebel


Photo by Stefan Welsh

FRESH FACES: Mr. Thomas Sheridan teaches in the religious studies department. He intends to help his students grow spiritually this year.

Religious studies teacher Mr. Thomas Sheridan is one of the new additions to the Roncalli Family. Freshly graduated from Marian University in Indianapolis, Sheridan was a part of the San Damiano Scholarship program that allowed him to give others an opportunity to explore their faith through various service projects. He also graduated from Carmel High School. Sheridan teaches Jesus and Scripture in addition to Jesus and His Mission to freshmen and sophomores, respectively.

“I’m most looking forward to see how I can help students achieve their goals,” Sheridan said, “spiritually, intellectually, and socially. Particularly the freshmen.”

Sheridan classifies himself as a nerd and spends most of his time reading, listening to theology podcasts, and with friends when he isn’t in the classroom. He also enjoys playing board games or team sports. Currently, Sheridan lives with his family, including his twin sister.

Sheridan learned about Roncalli through a friend and decided to join the staff because he believed Roncalli has the best tools to help him become the best teacher he can be.

“I’ve been impressed with my students’ behavior. I like that we can joke around in class,” Sheridan said, “while still being able to stay on task. I feel very supported by the faculty and community around here as well.”