New first period tardy system

Roncalli introduces a new tardy rule to make the policy more fair


Photo by Connor Mahoney

DON'T BE LATE: Students sign in at Mrs. Avery's office when leaving the school early or arriving late. If you sign in late more than 20 minutes after the bell, you will receive a referral

Starting off the school day with a tardy is not a way students like to begin their day. However, with the previous tardy rule, not only were students late, but if there was a test or quiz that period, they didn’t have the full period to make it up. Administrators made a change to solve the problem.

“Inequity in the old policy made it unfair,” dean of students Mr. Tim Puntarelli said,“Two students who arrived at the very same time could receive radically different punishments:  In effect, one student who may have missed a 100 point test would not be allowed to make up. The other student may have missed absolutely nothing, and receives a simple tardy to school.”

Students now have a chance to complete any tests or quizzes missed. There is now a 20 minute period where students need to arrive in to receive one tardy. However, upon arriving after 20 minutes the students receives a referral. The new rule affects students in a way to make sure points aren’t lost and allows them the chance to complete any missed work.

“Students don’t feel nervous or stressed about accidentally being five minutes late,”  Roncalli sophomore Trey Barajas said.

When arriving in the first 20 minutes, a tardy will still be given, and three tardies in the first 20 minutes is a referral.  

“90 percent or more of tardies are within the first 15 minutes,” Puntarelli said.

A second referral results in Saturday school detention. A third referral, according to Puntarelli, warrants an in-school suspension and a phone conference with the parents. Lastly, a fourth referral is three day suspension and conference with the student’s parents. A referral is given once three tardies are received in the first 20 minutes.  

The new policy was developed by Puntarelli, biology teacher Mr. Tim Crissman, and assistant principal Mr. Kevin Banich.