Bring your kid to work day, everyday

Insight into the lives of some unlucky students

Photo by Liam Moore
LOVE YOU DAD!: Biology teacher Scott Houser and his daughter, Lucy Houser, pose for a nice father-daughter photo.

Every school day, students leave their parents behind and spend a little over seven hours at Roncalli High School without them. Some students, however, never earn this freedom. Some students’ parents… go with them.

For those students, the potential for humiliation is dangerously high. Social disaster could occur at any turn. Every day is a risk, as friends and other students are exposed to their parent for about 50 minutes a day. Baby pictures, embarrassing stories; nothing is off the table. Fear pulses through the veins of these unlucky students every minute of their waking lives.

“The most embarrassing thing my mom’s done at school is tell stories about me and my brothers to her class,” junior Sophie Louthain said, whose mother works in the English department.

Lucy Houser said that “One time he (her dad) came into my chemistry class and told a bunch of science and chemistry jokes.”

Horrifying experiences such as these two one occur every day. Some students would be terrified at the prospect of their peers being exposed to their parents at school, but for the most part, freshman Brendan Louthain and his sister Sophie don’t seem to mind too much.

According to Brendan, “it can be a little weird always being in the same building and having kids complain to me about the homework my mom gave them, but I’m used to it, and there are definitely benefits as well.”

Benefits for students include a large tuition discount, more time spent every day with their wonderful parent, and having someone always close by that can help with whatever they need.

Is it worth it? Probably not to most students, but having a parent at school is a part of life that some are forced to live out every day, for better or for worse.