Fantasy football means competing for bragging rights

Fantasy football season begins, brings fierce fight between students


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BUILDING A LINEUP: Senior Nathan Gramman’s lineup before his week 6 game. With several different features like stats and injury notifications, fantasy football players can easily set up a lineup.

With the NFL starting its season up in September, fans are getting excited. This also means something elseーfantasy football. Fantasy football can be confusing to those that do not typically follow football. But for those that do, it is an intense, competitive way to compete against friends. There are hundreds of thousands of leagues, and there are even some here at Roncalli.

“I put some effort into fantasy football because it gives you bragging rights,” senior Nick Susemichel said. “It’s fun, and it also keeps me up to date on NFL players and teams.”

Fantasy football isn’t just about picking the best players, it’s also about beating your friends and rubbing it in their face.

“My favorite part about fantasy football is the competition,” senior Jacob Taylor said. “When a week ends, the smack talk immediately begins.”

For some, with years of experience in the activity, you figure out what players you can always count on to carry your team. But when picking teams, one has to take off weeks and injuries into account.

“Over the past few years, I have been partial to Aaron Rodgers because I believe he is the best quarterback in the league,” Susemichel said.

The great thing about fantasy football is that you can put zero effort into it all season, and you can still have a chance to win the championship. Some prefer to stay on top of their team all the time, but others might not really put as much effort in.

“The only effort I put in is during the draft. I try to make it so I’m available for the draft so I can choose the best players for my team,” senior Nathan Gramman said. “Other than that, I don’t put a whole lot of effort into it.”

Fantasy football is a fun and enjoyable way to get into football and compete against your friends. For those that are involved, it gives them a reason to watch games and become connected with others. Wherever there is fantasy football, there’s probably some trash talk along with it.