New classes incoming

New classes being introduced for the next school year are summarized.


Photo by Nick Perkins

New Additions: The course catalog contains information on classes students can take. Courses such as Physical Science and Fiber arts will be available next school year.

Class scheduling for the next school year is almost upon us, and with it many new classes are being introduced. It’s important to be informed of the new opportunities being presented to you, so here they are nicely summarized just for you. 

Physical Science (ACA) – For incoming Freshman only, this class teaches problem-solving skills while doing labs and field investigations of earth and space science concepts and principles. Students will also explore the laws that govern earth and nature itself.

Physics 2 (AP) – Available only for incoming seniors, AP Physics 2 is Physics, but more advanced. This class is equivalent to a college semester algebra-based Physics course.

Entertainment Marketing in Business (CP) – Students learn to understand how marketing works in the entertainment industry as well as acquire an understanding and appreciation for planning.

Social Justice (CP) –  Students will learn the origins of the Church’s principles and social teachings and will be challenged to respond to the needs of society as well as those facing injustice.

Fiber Arts (CP) – Students learn essential artistic skills as well as create works in different styles using fiber materials.

Orchestra (CP) Update – In addition to the existing instruments allowed in Orchestra: violin, viola, cello, double bass, students will be allowed to audition to be one of three piano/keyboard players.

Calculus (HON/DC) – For incoming seniors only, this class is primarily for students who wish to study a STEM field in college. Students will be exposed to the central concepts and basics of calculus.