Let the studying begin

Students and teachers give information of how to prepare and study for finals


Photo by Kara House

TIME TO STUDY: Senior Kate McNulty works on homework before finals. McNulty is working on stats.

With winter break and Christmas approaching, students are counting down the days until school lets out. However, students have one of their most important weeks to comefinals.  

Finals can cause a lot of stress and anxiety on students, which can lead to a long week.

It’s important to remember that finals are still a marathon, not a sprint,” English teacher Mr. Phil Milroy said when talking about keeping a steady pace.

Milroy goes on to explain how cramming is not useful and proposes studying for finals multiple days before the test. Additionally, Milroy suggests that  students to get an adequate night’s rest and a nutritious breakfast.

“The 15 minutes it takes to eat is more important than whatever you could cram in that 15 minutes,” Milroy said.

Senior Kate McNulty, who has survived three years of finals, goes on to explain how she studies and prepares for the exams.

“I prepare for finals by doing all of the study guides teachers give me, reviewing my notes, looking over tests and quizzes, and studying Quizlets,” McNulty said.

McNulty goes on to explain the two days before finals.

“I’d say it’s stressful on Monday and Tuesday night because that’s when I do most of my studying,” McNulty said. “Once you get a majority of the studying out of the way, the end of the week is pretty easy.”

Giving more information, McNulty explains how studying before the day of the final reduces the stress that finals bring

Finals at Roncalli begin Wednesday December, 19 with periods one, three, and five.  Additionally, on Thursday finals will be two, four, and six, and on Friday tests are seven and eight. Due to having study periods, students must have their parents contact attendance in order to leave early on a day they have a study period.