Roncalli’s new gem

The community marks its calendars for the upcoming opening of its brand new gymnasium


Photo by Kathleen Doninger

ALMOST DONE: The new gym sits empty, awaiting its final touches. The project's estimated completion date is currently set for November.

After all of the years, all of the fundraising, all the delays, and all of the nail-biting anticipation, Roncalli’s (possibly) greatest addition yet is about to open for all to adore: the new gym. 

The debut of Roncalli’s new space has been pushed back by about a month, mainly due to excess moisture delaying the curing of the cement floor, meaning the wood cannot be installed, but, no matter how many issues pop up, time cannot delay the inevitable. The gym is estimated to be able to open mid-November this year, and its use will start immediately.

Finally, during the 50th anniversary celebration of Roncalli High School, two PE classes can run at the same time, for the good of all freshmen. As for the non-freshmen of the community, upperclassmen have reason to get excited as well. 

“I also believe that our students will benefit in so many ways: from having an additional space for Physical Education classes to having additional practice spaces for all of our athletic programs,” wrote Terese Carson, who’s overseen much of the project. 

The new building, dubbed the Ascension St. Vincent Gymnasium, isn’t just extra space for athletic events, it’s also a massive improvement over the old family room in other ways. 

“The new gym is much larger than our current gym, by almost double. The rated bleacher seating capacity for the current gym is 1,000 and the new gym is just over 2,000… [We’ll have] new locker rooms, larger restrooms, storage, an area for the officials, hospitality rooms, and a new concession stand,” wrote Carson. 

Sports practices, liturgies, grandparents day, pep rallies, and all other activities that involve sweaty students packed together like canned sardines in Roncalli’s modest current space will finally receive their much- needed space upgrade, which has been in the works for over two decades. 

“The new competition gym has been on the master facility plan for Roncalli since 1994, so many people are anxiously anticipating this major milestone for our community. I think it is extra special that the Ascension St. Vincent Gymnasium will be opening during our 50 year celebration as well. Our community is going to love our new space,” said Carson. 

What’s not to love? More space, more features, and more Roncalli, all coming very soon.