Totem of undying

“Minecraft”’s glorious return to the top of the video game world


CRAFTING AWAY: The pure euphoria of “Minecraft” is experienced by sophomore Dean Shock as he investigates a mine for diamonds in Pocket Edition, the mobile adaptation of “Minecraft”.

Ten years ago, one of the most influential and popular video games ever created was released into the world: Minecraft“.

Looking back, many are surprised that a game comprised of destroying and rebuilding earthen blocks was so popular considering some of the popular games offered today. In contrast with the current and most prominent video games (such as “Fortnite”), Minecraft is a mellow and laid back game which prioritizes construction over destruction. Perhaps the game’s never-before-seen style was the reason it became so famous. It did sell over 100 million copies, after all. Eventually, the outrageous trends of Minecraft died down, and as the years passed, the game’s record-shattering popularity in 2013 became ever more distant.

However, in the past couple of months, rays of a beautiful square sun have begun to seep through the cracks of “Minecraft”’s coffin. Gamers have started to pick up the game again, after years of collecting dust on the shelves. Minecraft is slowly but surely rising from the ashes of the past. Its return is a beacon of hope for the game – a beacon that represents what could potentially be one of the greatest comebacks in video game history. Current meme culture is reintroducing Minecraft in the lives of many fans across America and the rest of the world. And the beacon of Minecraft is reaching the homes of some of our very own fellow Roncalli Rebels.

Here at Roncalli, Minecraft is growing in prominence every day. More and more students have reacquainted themselves with the game. For instance, juniors Elijah Buening and Drew Reed recently started a Minecraft server that contains about 15 players. 

“You can do whatever you want,” Buening said. “You can go to people’s structures and build on top of them,” he continued.

This liberty explains some of the appeal of Minecraft. On top of nostalgia and the freedom for creativity, other positive emotions play a role in the game’s revival. 

Senior Ethan Gosser explained that after he “worked with [his] friends to build something cool,” he received a sense of satisfaction and felt “accomplished”. 

Plus, gamers are playing Minecraft more frequently than previously. 

“I know people that play almost every day,” Buening said. 

According to Google Trends, searches for Minecraft have more than doubled over the past four months, and online inquiries for the game are continuing to rise. If Minecraft’s popularity rates persist, then the game will soon match its peak in 2013.

Minecraft’s reclaim to fame is seemingly impossible. Yet somehow, the game is seeing a major rise in interest 10 years after its initial launch. More people are playing it, watching it, talking about it, and creating memes about it. If this exploding popularity continues, Minecraft will be able to fully recover its position in its diamond throne, and regain the title as the king of all video games. But right now, Minecraft’s full restoration is not yet written in stone. A new game could arise, or people could simply lose interest in Minecraft. But for now, Minecraft looks like it is in a position to cause one of the greatest comebacks the video game world has ever seen.