Sehr Lecker

A look into the week-long celebration of German language and culture

Photo by Frau Louise Hibner
STRAWBERRY SURPRISE: Filled with delight and delicious food, Angie Ho, Lilly Kassoumis, Gabe Clark, Hudson Day, Emily Och, and Cordelia Eble partake in a culinary event with German Club to celebrate German week.

This October, Roncalli High School celebrated the wondrous festivities of German week. This celebratory week was in alignment with the fiesta of Oktoberfest in the Deutschland.

A German lunch, a series of parties, and a German movie were just some of the delightful activities included throughout the week. Students may have also noticed posters of celebrities who can speak German, such as Paul McCartney and Christoph Waltz.

“We had trivia and German posters,” German teacher Frau Hibner said. “A big highlight of the week was a cooking event with all the first year classes.”

Along with the cooking classes, a German feast was enjoyed for lunch on Thursday. The meal was comprised of bratwurst, sauerkraut, and a kind of German cake. Also, the holiday of Wasser Tag (Water Day) was celebrated over the week.

“You get sparkling water, and you drink it. And that’s kind of it,” senior Quentin Gallagher said of Wasser Tag.

German class is enjoyed by many people, students and teachers alike. Although people have different reasons for their love of the language, it never fails to bring pleasure.

“German people have a lot of different kinds of sausage,” sophomore Dean Shock said. “Also, their dances are absolutely fantastic. They hambone.”

This notion of delight in German language and culture is present in others as well.

“I think German sounds really cool,” Hibner said. “I feel like it sounds powerful when you speak it.”

Overall, the week was a time to enjoy life, indulge in delicious food, and experience the German culture.