Blast from the past: Roncalli Media Edition

A brief look where graduates are now who have participated in Roncalli Media and are now using their skills in communications.

With the holiday season in full swing, one of the biggest questions a high schooler gets asked at awkward family gatherings is, “so, what do you plan to do once you graduate?” Whether it is your aunt you only see twice a year,  your mom getting on you for not planning ahead, or your cousin just trying to make small talk, the stress of the future can be overwhelming. The one thing that does seem to always help though, is seeing students that came before you doing what they love. They seem so happy (according to their instagram feeds), and you just can’t help but be a little jealous of their college life. Well here at the Rebel Review, we started to get a little curious (and maybe jealous) of what our past editors and writers were up to. With that, we decided to catch up with a couple of graduates! 

Graduating in 2017, Kenzie Prince decided to continue her education at Loyola University of Chicago pursuing advertising and political science. Here at Roncalli she was editor-in-chief of our very own Rebel Review – she wrote content, edited stories, and designed pages.

 “I loved all of the people I met through Roncalli newspaper. Getting to know them was definitely my favorite part of high school,” Kenzie said. 

When she wasn’t participating in extracurriculars at Loyola, Kenzie participated in internships around Indianapolis and Chicago. This gave her the opportunity to fine tune her skills, while also obtaining new ones along the way. 

“The best thing that you can do for yourself is to learn. Learn what you like to do and are passionate about. This will give you a much better understanding of what you want to do once you graduate.” 

Once she graduates in December, Kenzie plans to attend law school to further her education. She made this decision after becoming a member of the Illinois Justice Peacecorps, where she provides legal assistance to those who are representing themselves in court without a lawyer. 

“Since becoming a member of this, I’ve become aware of the injustices present in society and hope to use my voice to serve as an advocate for those whose voices otherwise go ignored or unheard in the legal system.” 

Another Roncalli graduate continuing his work in media is Joe Schroeder, who graduated in 2017 and now attends Indiana University. During his time in high school, he worked on the Rebel Review as a reporter, photopragher, and videographer. 

“Roncalli media taught me to try whatever I think will work,” Joe said. Given many opportunities to be creative and think outside of the box, the graduate was able to create some of Roncalli’s finest media.

Many skills that he first learned at Roncalli still apply to his daily life.

 “The rules of design that I learned in newspaper are still the ones that I use now,” said Joe. 

At Indiana University, Schroder is continues to make promotional and news videos for the school. 

“I started doing the exact thing I’m doing now in high school, and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to find my passion at Roncalli.”

One final graduate we heard from was Jesse Wormann, a student from the class of 2014. During his time in highschool, Wormann was a co editor of the Rebel Review where he wrote primarily sports articles. 

“Roncalli gave me the opportunity to lay the foundation for and develop skills to guide me throughout the rest of my life. Whether it was academically, athletically, or spiritually, I was given the opportunity to lead while also learning about sacrifice and commitment,” Wormann said.

Earning his degree in professional writing from Purdue in 2018, Wormann now works as a technical writer and editor for Aero Industries, a manufacturing company in Indianapolis. 

Choosing a college to attend can be stressful, but luckily he was able to pick a school that best fit his needs. 

Just like Roncalli, my time at Purdue gave me the people, the connections, and the opportunities to prepare for my future while also allowing me to grow and succeed in the other important areas in my life.” 

There are multiple things that you can do during your education to expand your range of knowledge even further, but the most important thing Wormann touched on was the “advantage of opportunities to write and have your work seen or published. Becoming involved with the school newspaper, joining writing/media based clubs, and taking classes where you will be able to work on projects that interest you and relate to your goals for a future career are all good options.” Doing these things can help you get a better understanding of not only yourself, but the world around you so that you know more of what to expect post-graduation. 

These are just a few of the students who have participated in Roncalli media and are now doing exceptional things in communications. 

“While high school is not everything, it is a great way to get out there and try new things,” Price said. “Find something you enjoy and run with it.”