Astronomical aeronautics

With an increasing frequency of activities and a rapidly ascending number of members, aeronautics club is growing from a small fledgling bird into a majestic, graceful eagle of a club.

Sophomore David Love and senior Noah Schafer started the club last year.

“I went to Mr. Banich to start a drone club, but it came out as aeronautics club to fit a wider range of interests,” Love said.

One of the most notable trips that the aeronautics club conducted was to the control tower at the Indianapolis International Airport.

“In the control tower we went in the room where they communicate with the pilots,” sophomore Joey Luttrell said. “It was neat to watch them talk in real time to pilots that were coming and going from the airport.”

Aeronautics club moderator Ms. Stephanie Okerson also attended the trip to the Indianapolis control tower.

“They took us up to the top and let us see how they coordinate the different takeoffs and landings safely,” Okerson said. “They showed us the computer equipment and the radar that they use.”

Despite the numerous delays that have flustered members’ schedules like a bird flying into a window, the group has still accomplished some thrilling voyages to the Greenwood Airport, which is located in—you guessed it—Greenwood.

“We had about 20 students fly in small airplanes from the Greenwood Airport. It was really neat and a fun event. Everybody had a smile on their face,” Okerson said.

Aeronautics club also has some potentially upcoming excursions that could be interesting.

“Some future plans we might have are to see the Tuskegee Airmen,” Love said. “They are an accomplished World War II squadron.”

Plus, another visit to the Indy Airport could be in the works.

“There was conversation of possibly doing another tour of the Indianapolis International Airport and touring the behind-the-scenes stuff,” Luttrell said.

Whatever the next trip is, it will surely provide an educational experience.

“The different experiences we’ve had so far have all been very interesting and I’ve learned a lot,” Okerson said. “It is also fun to see students fired up and excited about something they are very interested in.”

Although it is still one of the newest clubs at Roncalli,  the aeronautics club will surely continue to provide fresh and life-changing experiences for all. Similar to a newborn baby chick receiving regurgitated nutrients from its mother’s gullet, aeronautics club will always accept the refreshing educational sustenance that a good old trip to the airport has to offer.

TALK TO ME, GOOSE: Members of the aeronautics club stand in front of a small aircraft at the Greenwood Airport after flying over central Indiana airspace. Several Roncalli students as well as teachers’ children attended the exhilarating event.
NOW THIS IS PODRACING: Sophomore Jackson Cropper experiences what can only be described as “what it feels like to be a bird” as he sits by the pilot in a plane cockpit.