Do bowlers always have time to spare? Not at Roncalli High School, where the stellar bowling teams grind day and night to strike back at their competition. Practicing Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the expo bowl, Roncalli’s team is well suited to compete with other schools’ bowling masters. The bowling teams will never spare their opponents during competitive season.

When the teams rolled out, they were well oiled and prepared due to their great new and old talent combined with excellent training.

“I’ll take a tennis ball and practice my release,” senior Jack Matthews said.

Bowling is more of a technique-based sport, requiring thousands of repetitions from its practitioners.  

“The whole sport of bowling is repetition and knowing how to play the oil patterns on the lane,” coach Mike Glenn said.

Despite the difficulty of the sport, bowling is easy to pick up and enjoy for any potential athletes. 

“I started bowling because my friend convinced me that we needed more girls on the team so I said ‘why not,’” senior Cynthia Alstatt said.

Players have also really enjoyed their time on the teams, creating the experience of a lifetime.

“I think it’s very lively, and we’re all pretty close, so it makes for a fun time anytime we go bowling,” Alstatt said. 

Having fun, getting good, and knocking down some pins; what’s not to love about Roncalli’s very own bowling teams.