Finals are coming…

With finals right around the corner, here are some tips to help with stress and anxiety



PROACTIVE APPROACH: This graphic includes strategies students can use to help prepare for final exams. This information was collected from the Roncalli daily planner.

It was a crisp December morning. All was calm at Roncalli High School, all was bright. Students realized that with the end of the semester comes a trial so challenging, even saying its name makes people terrified. Finals. 

They’re coming and faster than you expect. One day it’s December 1st, then all of a sudden, it’s December 16th, two days until finals begin. Don’t panic, for there are simple solutions to this epidemic of stress. 

“Finals are a test over your cumulative knowledge of a course,” math teacher Mr. Andy Niewedde said. “If you do your work throughout the course and understand it, then you should have no problem with the final.”  

He suggested working over everything you learned that semester could be helpful and “Understand the material-don’t just memorize it.”

Finals are something that can be easily stressed over, therefore overthought and rushed through. Many just brush off studying until two days before the tests, and that can cause a lot of stress. Many other tests wouldn’t require ludicrous amounts of studying or stress. Religion teacher Mr. Ray Shelburn says that the best “… material to study with would be notes and past tests. Those would be the best because most of finals are taken from pasts tests.” Looking back on past tests would help you retain more information.

“Avoid cramming as much as possible,” Shelburn continued, “Take care of yourself and get a good night’s rest.” Do your best to study but also make sure that you get rest in between studying. If you don’t, then you will have a difficult time remembering what you learned the previous day.

Sleep is a key factor in learning. Sleeping can help you retain knowledge that you learned that day, but students believe that studying all night can benefit them in the long run. “Don’t pull all-nighters,” Senior Janeth Imán said. “Relax. Actually sleep when you study, otherwise you will not be able to perform at your best.”

Sleep is important to retain information, so spending your entire night studying for a test that might impact your grade fatally. “Finals are not as bad as they seem,” Imán said. “don’t overly stress about them.”

This finals season, think about what you are thankful for: a warm school, kind and caring teachers, and most importantly, study guides. Don’t let the christmas cheer distract you from your studies too terribly. Do yourself a favor: study for your test, don’t overly stress, and just sleep. Enjoy your winter break Rebels! Merry Christmas!