Winter spirit week commences

Students prepare for upcoming winter spirit week of 2020


Photo by Maddie Agresta

CAREER DAY: Roncalli Rebels wear their Fred and Sons shirts on career day. Career day sparked the start of the winter spirit week of 2019.

Students look forward to one of the most exciting weeks of the second semester

Winter spirit week is from January 27-31. For some, this could be a bittersweet goodbye or a way to be able to express their creativity. Many students enjoy winter spirit week because they get to wear their goofiest outfits and get to compete with the other classes. There is a lot of thought and effort that goes into this week. Junior Reese Wiley, class of 2021 co-president of service, helps prepare for the week.

 “The overall theme of spirit week is decided by the Student Council Co-Presidents, but the other [Class] Co-Presidents are asked for general ideas before the decision is made. This year’s winter spirit week’s overall theme is video games. This theme will be carried out through an entrance decorating contest,” said Wiley. 

Wiley says the themes for spirit days also come from the brainstorming at meetings prior to spirit week. They end up narrowing them down to a couple of ideas, and then they send out the google form to the student body to decide.

Winter Spirit Week gets very competitive. There are eight class competitions. The class competitions include dodgeball sign-ups, dodgeball team voting, class entrance decorating, dress-up all-out participation, dodgeball invitational pre-sale ticket sales, dodgeball invitational results, eco-friendly trivia during lunch, and the Mario Kart tournament. 

Students are frantically preparing for winter spirit week. They are going to Goodwill, looking at Pinterest, and looking at past winter spirit weeks for ideas. Many students are excited for winter spirit week because they get to dress up with their friends and are able to get a break from the everyday attire.