Ready? Lights, camera, action

Students’ truly groovy movie projects are brought into the world through their creative minds


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Seniors Max Peeples and Quentin Gallagher moments after editing the short film on the Indiana University Campus

UPDATE: On March 6th, at 7:30 PM at the Historic Artcraft Theatre, the movie senior Quentin Gallagher starred in is being rereleased for ONE NIGHT ONLY! This could potentially be the only night this movie is in Indiana. Click here to get tickets for “The Miseducation of Bindu.”

It is nearly impossible for most people to understand the intricate process it takes to make a movie. Two members from the class of 2020, however, are perfecting those skills. Over the summer, seniors Max Peeples and Quentin Gallagher attended a film camp at Indiana University. Gallagher found out about the camp because his dad received an email from Indiana University and Gallagher decided to sign up later that day. The camp was a week-long, and the students stayed in a university dorm. 

“It was really weird at first. Later on, my roommate and I talked and had a fantastic time. I really felt like it was a sneak peek for college,” Gallagher said. 

After the week was over, the students premiered their movies for the families. 

Gallagher and Peeples both said they would love to go back to the camp. However, Peeples did not stop there, he premiered a different movie, “Justice League 3 Dawn of Darkseid,” on July 20, 2019, in the Roncalli Auditorium. 

“It was an honor and a privilege to watch one of my favorite students make such an incredible film. This was a fantastic viewing experience. I am extremely proud of Max,’’ Spanish teacher Jennifer Reidford said.

“It was a long process, over a year. There were a  couple of hundred hours of video-editing,” Peeples said. “There are so many stories about the filming of the movie, but not going to lie, I forget most of them.” 

Right before the premiere, Peeples sold merchandise, such as shirts and bracelets, for his brand, “Maximus Prime.” Peeples was surprised by the 200 in attendance, and the $700 intake he received from selling merchandise. 

“I was so impressed with the reaction. People seemed to love it! There were even fan reviews of the movie online. People can watch the film on the Maxi-mus Prime YouTube channel,” Peeples said. 

Peeples is extremely interested in making movies. He has had a great deal of practice due to his five years of experience. 

“I really have a good time with all of the intricacies of film-making. I once heard somewhere that film-making is like the combination of all the arts into one-music, drawing, acting, etc-I think that is really true, and that’s why I like it so much,” Peeples said. 

Gallagher’s movie has not premiered yet. He was required to write a 30-page script and film the movie for his German class. The movie premiere is October 4, 2019. He invites everyone to come and watch his movie. 

Both of these seniors welcome their fellow students to watch the movies that they made over the summer on Youtube. Peeples’ movie is called “Justice League 3 Dawn of Darkseid” and Gallagh- er’s movie is called “Loop.”