Roncalli service cord

Read about the 2019-2020 Roncalli service program and hear from those who have achieved the prestigious service cord.


This year has been an interesting year for the Roncalli service program. The program has faced many drastic changes by completely changing how students log their hours. Mobile Serve is a new way to log service hours. The amount of hours has also been changed. Everyone is required to do 18 service hours.

The minimum number of service hours to get the service cord is 234. This is 150% of the number of required service hours. Seniors are not the only ones who can get service hours.  Anyone can get the service cord. If they get the service cord before their senior year, they will get recognized at the first mass. Senior Lillian Brown, who has 319 hours, got her service cord by her sophomore year.

“I really did not strive to get the cord, I just participated in things that offered large bulks of hours and they added up over time”, said Brown.

As the school year wraps up, more seniors are getting the service cord. There currently are [fill in later] seniors that have achieved the service cord. Mr. Gerard Striby is in charge of the service program. He believes that getting the service cord is very achievable.

“Typically, 80-90 people get the service cord. I know the service cord is achievable because many people can get the cord”, Striby said.

Many people believe that getting the service cord is too challenging because a lot of time is put into the hours and they do not try to achieve the cord. Senior Zach Mayer, who has gotten 397 hours, wants everyone to know how easy it is to get the service cord.

“When you find a service program that you’re passionate about, completing service hours becomes less of a requirement or challenge and more of an enjoyable opportunity to share your God-given gifts with your community”, said Mayer.

 A quote that fuels the service program is “service is not about you it’s about those you serve”. Many students find this true. Senior Ellie Murphy, who has 240 hours, enjoys doing service hours because of the people she encounters.

“It was worth doing all the hours because I genuinely enjoy serving others. I strove to get the cord because I like doing service and it made me feel accomplished”, said Murphy

Everyone is encouraged to get the service cord. There is an opportunity for everyone to get the cord. Senior Clark Chapman, who has 267 hours, has advice for those trying to achieve the service cord.

“Being willing to put in the time and commit to something like a service opportunity is the first yet often the most difficult step”, said Chapman.