60,324 meals, $15,000, one Rebel family

Students work to raise $15,000 to cover the cost of over 60,000 Vitameals packed for third world countries


Photo by Maddie Aldrich


This year, the theology department selected Cross Catholic Outreach to reap the benefits of our almsgiving project. Cross Catholic is an organization which raises funds to provide food and other supplies to impoverished communities around the world. Over 95% of the money raised by Cross Catholic goes directly to the people they serve through their programs. The Roncalli community is working to raise over $15,000 to provide 60,000 Vitafood meals to be shipped to third world countries, which we have already packed. 

Rebels had the chance to meet one of Cross Catholic’s Missionary Priests, Fr. Pascal Kumanda C.I.C.M. Fr. Pascal became an honorary Rebel, speaking at Ash Wednesday Mass and in various classes throughout the day, explaining the mission and vision of the charity. 

Rather than just simply raising money, Roncalli students were able to put their faith into action and help pack 60,324 meals during their Theology classes. 

“It was cool to break up the daily routine of learning about Jesus’ life and work. We were able to serve as Christ’s hands to those in need,” senior Vincent Agramonte said. 

Faculty and staff also joined in the experience to help pack the meals in the gymnasium. This was orchestrated by Erika Kvak, developmental officer with Cross Catholic, along with Gus Cruz, the community volunteer coordinator. 

Both Kvak and Cruz spoke highly of the level of commitment the students have to making the world a better place. 

“Man you guys are like machines!” Crux exclaimed. 

All the meals are packaged by volunteers, whether that be through schools, parishes, clubs, etc. Without the efforts of schools like Roncalli and other faith groups, no meals would be sent to countries such as Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, just to name a few. 

During this Lenten season, students have raised funds to purchase the materials to pack the 60,324 meals to fight hunger overseas working with Cross Catholic ministries. Collections began at the Lenten Almsgiving Benefit Choir concert on February 27th. Students also paid for wristbands to the faculty vs seniors games, and proceeds from the SnowBall dance also helped raise money. Funds will be collected from the Math department’s Rebel Match survey, and monetary donations can still be made at Roncalli.

“This is such a neat opportunity because faith becomes tangible. When most people think of a mission, they think of taking mission trips across oceans,” Kvak explained. “Cross Catholic has the ability to bring Haiti to us here in Indianapolis, and we are able to visibly see how we are helping them.”