Cannot catch a break

Rebel baseball players look to the past, what could have been, and the future ahead


WINDUP: Senior Sammy Baugh stands at the mound, preparing to go head-to-head against the opposing batter. Baugh would have broken the dreams of many batters if he had had his senior season.

It is no secret that everyone has been affected in some way by COVID-19, but spring senior athletes may have gotten the shortest end of the stick. Many students have been stripped of their last high school season by something no one could have seen coming. 

The senior baseball players had been looking forward and even believed they could have won the sectional championship. Thankfully the virus has not been able to ruin some of the players’ favorite memories from previous seasons. Senior pitcher Sammy Baugh says his favorite memory was baseball training during the spring break of 2019. 

“While everyone was off at Fort Myers at the beach, me and the boys were spending our spring break at Fort LaPinta” said Baugh.

Baugh will be attending Wabash College to not only study biochemistry, but also continue his baseball career as a  Wabash little giant. 

Similarly, senior first baseman Alex Stroud will be attending Asbury University and continue his baseball career as an Asbury eagle. Stroud was proud to have hit his first varsity homerun, but will always remember the time where he and his teammates played in the beautiful Victory Field in downtown Indianapolis. 

The seniors were really excited to step up to the role of the leaders of the team. They planned to be as good, if not better than the class of 2019, which would have been no easy task. The team was like a family to them, even to the point where they would call each other “step bro”. Senior second baseman Corbin Fath says that his teammates were what made baseball so enjoyable for him for the past three years. 

“This was our last season of baseball as a Rebel, and it’s just sad to think we weren’t given the chance to make the most of that opportunity” said Fath. 

Fath plans to attend Indiana University and plans to study business, and will room with the lovely Deric Vaught

Baseball may not have been the only sport to have been ruined by the virus, but they had such high hopes for this season after two previously successful seasons. Success would have been imminent for the baseball team and its seniors at the helm. Luckily, the sport of baseball and the memories these seniors created together as Roncalli Rebels will not fade away any time soon.