Small fry ‘Fall Guys’ wins large prize for no price

‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ takes the gaming industry by storm (checkmate Xbox)


Photo by Ronan Euzen

LIGHTNING MCQUEEN’S BREAKFAST: Sophomore David “Zesty Dave” Warner throws his controller in a fit of rage after being eliminated from a round of “Fall Guys”.

Two weeks ago, the video game world experienced a phenomenon entitled “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout”.

This dark-horse of a video game exploded into popularity after its release, charming the world with its fun, bean-shaped humanoids and its hilarious physics mechanics. Referred to by most simply as “Fall Guys”, the game is a hybrid between the battle royale genre and family-friendly party games. The game was an instant hit since its release on August 4.

“I’ve been playing since the game came out,” junior Dominic LaRouche said. “I play about three or four times a week.”

One of the most common praises for the game has been its lax and accessible style that allows for almost anybody to jump on and play.

“It’s pretty casual, not super competitive or anything,” LaRouche said. “Don’t feel like you need to win. Winning can be pretty hard even for people who play the game a lot.”

Although the game is accessible for casual gamers, there are still some tips that players tend to follow to ensure a peaceful and rage-less environment when playing.

“Don’t get mad at it. It’s really easy to get mad,” senior Matthew Croddy said.  “It’s not hard to get into, just infuriating.”

However, when it comes to actual gameplay, players can use a variety of strategies and tactics to ensure they qualify for the next round.

“There are different tips for every minigame,” LaRouche said. “For example, for ‘Hex-A-Gone’ I try to create a zone for myself and hop from tile to tile and plan out my next jump.”

As for the future of the game, many players have high hopes for what the developer team is planning for future content.

“I’d like cross-play, and probably some form of competitive mode or other game modes besides king of the hill,” Croddy said.

“Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” seems to have a bright future ahead of it, and hopefully developers will continue to support it for a long time.