NBA Restart


With the NBA restart on July 30, fans have been very excited to see their favorite players and teams back on the court for the first time in a few months. What does the Roncalli community think of the NBA restart? 

For the restart, the NBA sent teams to Orlando for their remaining games to be played in what they are calling the bubble – but what would some fans think of how they did it? 

“I do think the bubble was a good idea to try to keep control and keep the virus out of there, and while there is a sacrifice for the players, it shows that a lot of work goes in for the games to be played,” head basketball coach Michael Wantz said. 

Since the restart and the beginning of the playoffs, there have been many players that have been really good. Senior Brendan O’Connor has some strong opinions on who really has had a big impact.

“Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers) and T.J Warren (Indiana Pacers) had large impacts, but T.J Warren hasn’t really shown up in the playoffs – he was good in the regular season though. Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks) has been playing well too, he actually just had a game-winner and 40 point triple-double,” O’Connor said. 

With the restart and the playoffs beginning, not only have there been some good players performing this season but overall teams as well. On the other hand, though, there have also been a lot of disappointing teams as well. 

“The TrailBlazers weren’t doing too good before the restart but they for sure have improved. The 76ers have been saying for many years that they will come together and win a title, but their teammates have been falling apart and they just got swept by the Celtics,” O’Connor said. 

With the playoffs already starting, there are some predictions to who is to win the NBA Finals starting in September. 

“I’m going to go with the Lakers. I think Lebron will beat the bucks. Lebron has had a good break for his age. I think 6 or 7 games,” Mr. Wantz said, 

“I wanna say the Pacers, but realistically I would wanna say the Houston Rockets. They will beat the Raptors in 7 games,” O’Connor said. 

Of course, with this restart, there are some imperfections with the way the NBA set it up, and that leaves the thought of what they could have done differently. 

“Show more of the Bubble on camera. Show behind the scenes stuff from every team, kinda like how Matisse Thybulle (Philadelphia 76ers) was doing on his YouTube channel. Have games in an actual arena so some fans can show up with social distanced seating and so it doesn’t seem like a scrimmage,” O’Connor said. 

Either way, the NBA did this restart, it is safe to say that a lot of fans are excited to finally see some basketball played on the professional level for the first time in a few months. We are all happy that the NBA did not just cancel the season. 

While not all sports fans may be into basketball, it does bring excitement for the seasons to follow as we get used to this new normal in the world of sports.