TikTok on the clock

Roncalli students that have received some fame on the TikTok app


Photo by Ali Dafforn

For the Views: Senior Ali Dafforn continues to grow her TikTok page with new and creative content. Dafforn currently has over 32,000 followers and over 345,000 likes on her account.

Over the last year, the social media app known as TikTok has emerged to the forefront of major applications that teens and other youths use on the daily. TikTok is formerly known as Musical.ly but was bought out by a Chinese company, ByteDance, and was then combined with one of ByteDance’s apps, Douyin, to form what now is Tik Tok. The social media app’s biggest attraction to people is the ability to make videos very easily and fast, each video has the max time limit of 60 seconds. Also that same video can be seen by lots of people all over the app that aren’t followers. TikTok allows users to see content that they want to see without having to search for specific creators. 

Ali Dafforn is a senior at Roncalli that has attracted many people to her content and has received some fame through the app. 

“On my account, I have a few videos with over 500k views. And on my friend, Claire Hawkins’, account she posted a video of my singing and it has 1 million views,” Dafforn said. 

The ability to get fame on TikTok seems to be very unlikely and difficult, but Dafforn was able to have a couple of widely viewed videos which allowed lots of users to come across her content. Dafforn mainly creates singing and comedic content.

“I use TikTok as a creative outlet because I can express myself through my singing,” Dafforn said. 

Roncalli sophomore and self-proclaimed avid TikTok watcher Samuel Scott uses the app about one hour a day. Scott watches so many videos because “it’s entertaining and the cure to boredom”.

Roncalli junior Luke Guthrie is a TikToker that had a video blowup with over 30,000 views. Guthrie’s video includes him and his friends playing basketball on a mini hoop. When asked why the video blew up Guthrie responded.

 “it’s authentic and original content that most people would find funny” Guthrie said.

Overall, having a video blowup doesn’t really mean anything to being famous, but being able to get a following and keep growing can bring some fame.