Fantasy Basketball

Avid sports watchers have a new friendly pastime.


Photo by Nat

Photo by Nathaniel Harbers

From the moment fantasy basketball first sprung into existence with the rise of the Internet, it’s never caught on in the way that similar hobbies have. This pastime is closely related to fantasy football, but far less known. Fantasy football is fairly hassle-free and only needs to be checked weekly, but in contrast, fantasy basketball requires much more time and effort from participants for consistent success.

Unlike the NFL, the average NBA player has about three to four games a week, while an NFL player only has games once a week, which makes managing fantasy basketball teams far more intense. Due to the NBA’s high frequency of games, fantasy owners need to check their rosters at least daily to put in players that have a game that day and take out the players who played the previous nights.

Roncalli senior Tobey Stong is a fantasy basketball commissioner in his league this season, his second time running a league.

“Overall I am enjoying it mainly because of the friendly competition it brings every day,” Stong said. “The competitiveness brings out the best in their friends but can cause some saltiness when losing.”

The frequent rotation of players seems to be the main struggle with many league members.

“I would change the lineups to automatically put in each player that plays that day so I don’t have to edit my lineup every day during the week,” Stong said. “You are forced to check your lineup everyday for injuries and who is and isn’t playing.”

Because of the constant need to check one’s lineup some members just give up on the league, by not rotating at all or just giving their players away.

To keep the competitive environment up throughout the 19 week season, Stong’s league has cash considerations for the victor.

Despite being dragged down by much higher barriers to entry when compared to similar activities, fantasy basketball leagues help keep dedicated fans up to date with NBA news and connected with friends. For the super-fan, these leagues add an in-depth and involved element to the NBA, and despite lacking accessible quality of life features, fantasy basketball is on the rise