Rig’s Kicks the competition

A student at roncalli starts their own business in the sneaker culture and has some big dreams

In recent years, sneaker culture has risen to become an important part of wider American culture. It involves buying, selling, trading, and collecting all kinds of shoes; whether from Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, Puma, etc. More people than ever have developed a strong passion for shoes, and this population of “sneakerheads” is especially prevalent in high schools across the nation, even Roncalli. 

One student, senior Jake Hinson, is one such person in the Roncalli community. Jake runs his own instagram account, @rigs.kicks, where he sells and trades shoes with friends and followers in the area. So, how does he do it? 

“I began selling shoes when I was lucky enough to receive a grant from the government,” Hinson said. “I took some of that cash, bought some shoes, and began on my journey. At the moment, it is only a side thing. It kinda came out of nowhere, I had always always loved shoes, just never thought about anything more than that. I received this cash during a time where I was working on myself, so I decided ‘hey, why not.’”  

With money traditionally serving as a massive entry barrier to the business, the grant was really able to jump-start Jake’s operations. Still, it’s not easy. 

“Some challenges I have come across is overpaying for shoes sometimes, or customers being angry or upset with me over prices I sell/prices I offer,” Hinson said. “The hate fuels me though; all negative energy makes me wanna get better. I, a lot of times, will have to take a financial loss, to then take a gain. Which can take some time.” 

Hinson takes that negativity and uses it as fuel to keep moving forward and become better at his side hustle, potentially even transforming it into a main hustle.

“My future all time goal is my own store: Rigs,” Hinson said. “I would love to think that this is possible, but who knows?”

Jake sets some high goals for himself. Although being a side occupation right now, Jake for sure uses that motivation, desire, and inspiration to really make something out of this and to make it a professional career for himself.

BUSINESS IS BOOMING: Jake Hinson (right) and his business partner senior Graeham Watt (left) are looking to make profit after a huge buyout.