New to cheer, new to school

Freshman cheerleaders describe what it’s like to be on the freshman cheer squad


Photo by Emma Wilson

ROYAL SPIRIT: The freshman cheer squad poses for a team photo after an August practice,


Being a freshman isn’t easy, and being a freshman and a cheerleader can be even more challenging. 

Bella Beerbower and Sara Geier are two of the freshman cheerleaders who explain the challenges that come with participating in a fall sport as a freshman.

Beerbower admits she has had some struggles trying to focus on school and also cheering.

“The most challenging part would be having to deal with both cheer and my education. Since I am new to high school it’s taken some time getting used to,” Beerbower said.

There are plenty of positive aspects to being a cheerleader, according to Geier.

“The feeling of being out on the field is outstanding. I’m described as a loud person, so I can use that characteristic on the field and yell all my problems away,” Geier said.

They became a team at the end of May. That is when all the preparation began. The team went to cheer camp for three days learning new routines and stunts. When school started they began to have practice every Monday and Wednesday after school.

The team cheers at every pep rally. They also cheer at the freshman football games. And to cheer on the football team signs are made to be put up on their lockers.

“When we cheer we have to always have a smile on our faces and show school spirit. That’s what being a cheerleader is all about,” Beerbower said

Geier and Beerbower make a point to show cheerleading has its flaws and also has its strengths. 

“Don’t be afraid to say you can’t do something because you don’t want to push yourself too hard,” Geier said.