Forever and Always a Royal

Roncalli’s band director, Kathy Peach, is retiring at the end of this school year and after years of beautiful music.


Praiseworthy Peach: Students prepare to bid farewell to beloved band director Miss. Kathy Peach. Peach has been serving as the band director since the 80’s and has been loved by all her students.

Miss. Kathy Peach, the current Band Director, is retiring after nearly 40 years working here. Peach has spent her years at Roncalli starting as the assistant band director, and then moving up to Band director. Now that she’s at the end of her career, Peach reflected on her years working here. Some of her favorite experiences have been just getting to know students, parent skits on trips, and, of course, getting to make music with all of her students. Looking back on past years Peach considers her triumphs and regrets. Peach has very few but she explained her one regret 

“We all have those days when we’re tired and we might bark at someone. But immediately after I always feel bad.” Said Peach.

But Despite these occasional bad days, Mrs. Peach says she will “of course” miss the wonderful environment and all her students. 

“I enjoy what I do so I will definitely miss the students.” Said Peach. 

Peach discussed her retirement saying that she isn’t really planning anything big. 

“I might join a community band. I’ve had different bands ask me through the years and I’ve always been too busy.” Said Peach.

Mrs. Peach has touched Roncalli in so many ways, from her lively character at every pep rally, to her traditional trip to Jamaica. 

“She [Peach] has affected me most in work dedication, she’s a very hardworking person, I think I just adopted that from her.” Said senior Sam Morris.

“One of the most underrated Royals of the past 25 years. Nothing short of phenomenal.” Said Chuck Weiseback, former principal and current president.

Weisenbach has worked with Peach for quite a while and he said she’s always been an inspiration. She essentially built the band program from the ground up. When she first came to work here, there were about 6 students in band. Now the band is a thriving arts program at roncalli. 

“There are alumni of roncalli who have come through our band program who are now professional musicians.” Said Weisenbach, crediting Peach

Peach has seen roncalli grow in many different ways throughout the years. She’s been along for the ups and downs and she understands the core behind Roncalli’s history and what education means to everyone here. 

“We have fantastic students and fantastic parents who really support not only their kids but Roncalli too. There are many great teachers here, we all work together very well.” Said Peach.

As Peach prepares to wave goodbye to roncalli, she leaves everyone with one last piece of wisdom,

“Life takes all kinds of twists and turns, both up and down. Some of those you can’t change but some of them you can change. Don’t let the downward turns keep you from being the person you are meant to be. There is always hope. Make the best life  for yourself.  I also strongly believe in the power of prayer. You don’t always get the answer you want but I know that God and Jesus have my back. And then I have the peace of mind knowing I have turned my challenges over to them and that I will be okay.”