Kass the Vice President of Happiness

Facility dog welcomed at Roncalli


Photo by Ariel Johnson

Kass attends Stand Up Tuesday (Coloring Day) on Tuesday, September 6th

Affectionately referred to as Kass,  the two-year-old black labrador from ICAN (Indiana Canine Assistance Network) spent 18 months training for his service at Roncalli.

His training included a temperature test, formal obedience and service work. 

He trained to earn the certification as a facility dog. He then went to the Indiana Women’s Prison for additional training with an individual inmate who he stayed with 24/7.

Kass will spend most of his time in the guidance department with his handler, Mrs. Lisa Beckwith, the director of guidance, who applied on behalf of Roncalli for a Facilities service dog.

He attends 2nd period in the Life Academy with Mrs. Julie Sommers and will also be part of all stand up Tuesdays.

He eats from a slow feeder because he eats so fast. He gets one cup of food in the morning and one cup in the evening. In addition, he gets one cup during the day one piece at a time as a treat when he does what he’s asked. Students are not allowed to give Kass treats because as a canine companion dog, he is under a weight restriction.

In his free time, he lives with Mrs. Beckwith and his canine brother, Cypher. He loves and enjoys long walks, playing tug, and sniffing for snacks!