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New Additions: The course catalog contains information on classes students can take. Courses such as Physical Science and Fiber arts will be available next school year.

New classes incoming

December 18, 2018

Class scheduling for the next school year is almost upon us, and with it many new classes are being introduced. It’s important to be informed of the new opportunities being presented to you, so here they are nicely summarized just for you.  Physical Science (ACA) - For incoming Freshman only, this class teaches problem-solving skills while doing labs and field investigations of earth and space science c...

TIME TO STUDY:  Senior Kate McNulty works on homework before finals.  McNulty is working on stats.

Let the studying begin

December 18, 2018

With winter break and Christmas approaching, students are counting down the days until school lets out. However, students have one of their most important weeks to come―finals.   Finals can cause a lot of stress and anxiety on students, which can lead to a long week. “It's important to remember that finals are still a marathon, not a sprint,” English teacher Mr. Phil Milroy said when t...

PRETTY PRAYER TREES: The prayer trees set up by the sophomore class are located in the main lobby near the chapel. The idea is to take a cross from one tree, say a prayer, then put it on the second tree.

Merry popsicle sticks and candy grams

December 13, 2018

Remember those inspirational popsicle sticks that floated around the school during finals week? Ever wonder where they came from? StuCo. Each year, StuCo, led by moderator Mr. Ryan Costello, encourages the school to celebrate Advent with each class student council member taking on a specific event. Along with selling candy grams at lunch, the freshmen write anonymous candy gram messages to ensur...

YOU NEED: Junior Andrew Beaver snaps at the camera. The snap has been apart of Roncalli's rich culture for five years.

Roncalli’s signature snap

October 11, 2018

Any student or staff member that has walked the halls of Roncalli in the past couple years more than likely knows what “the snap” is. The Roncalli signature snap has aggravated many, but few know its true origins. The finger snap was brought to Roncalli through the 2015 graduating class of Saint Barnabas. Three years ago, senior Will King, the forerunner of the snap, and the rest of his fres...

DON'T BE LATE: Students sign in at Mrs. Avery's office when leaving the school early or arriving late. If you sign in late more than 20 minutes after the bell, you will receive a referral

New first period tardy system

August 28, 2018

Starting off the school day with a tardy is not a way students like to begin their day. However, with the previous tardy rule, not only were students late, but if there was a test or quiz that period, they didn't have the full period to make it up. Administrators made a change to solve the problem. “Inequity in the old policy made it unfair,” dean of students Mr. Tim Puntarelli said,“Two stu...

THE GRIND: Rebels clean up crumbs and grease as the day winds down. Despite about 6 hours of standing, work ethic was ensured by workers shouting

Milking some money

August 27, 2018

State fair season breeds all kinds of interesting deep-fried delights from food trucks and stands around the fairgrounds. However, all are mere pawns when compared to their big brother counterpart, the “Dairy Bar.” This non-movable, dome-shaped structure sells all kinds of State Fair tier dairy snacks (excluding applesauce) such as ice cream, mozzarella sticks, and grilled cheese. While they soak...

STUDYING STUDENTS: Students in fifth period take a seat to listen to Mrs. Smith explain the images on the projector. They will later turn in a study guide in preparation for their upcoming test.

Teaching in a new setting

August 27, 2018

The Providence House is the first house on the right side of La Salle Street, home of fifth and sixth-period Nutrition and Wellness classes. This is the new setting for the class which was previously taught in room 109. Now, the class has a homier feel as the students learn about food in a place where it will be best applied- at home. Sophomore Chloe Clawson enjoys this set up for the course. ...

WARM WELCOME: New teachers are introduced to the school during the opening school assembly. They were all welcomed by the student body as well as returning staff members.

Indiana teacher shortages

August 27, 2018

A new issue has arisen in Indiana with fewer students earning a teaching degree than ever before. Between 2004 and 2014, the amount of teaching degrees earned has dropped 37 percent, according to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. The demand is growing exponentially as more people attend school and there are fewer teachers to satisfy the demand. This issue is likely caused by a major disad...

GOOD MORNING RONCALLI: New vice principal Mr. Kevin Banich addresses the school on the announcements. Banich has taken over this role which used to be a responsibility of Mrs. Shellie Hartford

Succession planning at Roncalli

August 23, 2018

Mr. Kevin Banich recently took the position as Roncalli’s vice principal of student activities after former vice principal for student activities, Mrs. Shellie Hartford, moved to Florida. Banich says he took the position because he enjoys it and believes the position is one of the best jobs in the building. “It is a honor to be the voice and advocate for the students,” Banich said. Principal Mr. ...

GOOD MORNING, HOW ARE YOU?: Director of campus ministry Jeff Traylor converses with students as they arrive at school. Traylor was one of the teachers that volunteered to be a greeter in the morning.

Locking the door

August 21, 2018

Since the start of the academic year, students arriving at school have only been let in through four doors due to security concerns. These doors are the main entrance, the auditorium entrance, the bubble entrance, and the athletic hallway. Each door has an administrator positioned at it to welcome students. “It has nothing to do with a lack of trust,” director of campus ministry Mr. Jeff Traylor said. ...

HUMBLE CHAMP: Junior Gabe Buening poses with his trophy in celebration of his victory. Buening took home first place in the Melee bracket of the tournament.

Smash Spectacular

May 22, 2018

On Monday, May the 14th, following the final bell, around 30 students amassed in the auditorium and the green room of the Fine Arts wing to compete for both bragging rights and a large plastic trophy. Their sport: Super Smash Bros. Smash is a fast-paced 2D fighting game developed by Hal Laboratory and Nintendo. The roster of playable characters includes iconic Nintendo mascots such as Mario, Pikachu,...

PEACE OUT: Junior Beatriz Venegas and her shadow Sayaka Tsukiyama pose with peace signs for a photo. The two girls spent the day sharing laughs before saying their goodbyes at the end of the school day.

Japanese students visit Roncalli

April 25, 2018

On Wednesday March 28, Roncalli hosted 44 students from Shonan High School in Japan. The students visited through the US chapter of Global Partners Institute (GPI US), a program aimed at empowering youth through teaching “leadership skills, cross-cultural understanding, critical thinking, and comprehensive English communication” according to its website. “I want to work with foreigners in the fut...

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