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VAPING SUPPLIES CONFISCATED: Administrators have collected JUULs and other vaping supplies from students after noticing an increase in the use of the devices in November.  Although there is no legal punishment for students over 18, tightened protocol was necessary to limit the use of the vaping devices in the hallways, bathrooms and classrooms.

Vaping fad creates concern

April 5, 2018

The Roncalli administration started a campaign against the JUUL when it realized its popularity among students was growing.  In fact, its appearance in the halls (and bathrooms) of Roncalli has led to numerous student disciplinary actions. But to analyze this in the most effective and fairest light, first it must be explained what a JUUL is and why it has started such a controversy. A JUUL is a sle...

LISTEN UP: Senior Connor Mahern delivers a speech to those who participated in the walkout. After listening to Mahern's speech, the protesters took turns reading biographies of the 17 Parkland shooting victims.

School safety walkout

April 3, 2018

A small group of students huddled at the side of the school, shivering in the below freezing March air as senior Connor Mahern stood on a bench and delivered a speech. “We as young people won’t stand for our legislatures not representing their constituents’ right to peace of mind,” Mahern said in his speech. Mahern’s address voiced what some Americans, both young and old, are calling for...

PREPARING EARLY: Sophomore Ellie Murphy utilizes Khan Academy to get ready for the SAT she is taking this summer. Khan Academy is a great, free resource for students to get personalized practice for the SAT.

Keeping cool as tests approach

April 3, 2018

Every spring, juniors prepare to take tests that they are told will determine their future. Stress runs rampant, numbers are crunched, practice tests are taken and all final preparations are made as students schedule tests at various testing centers. Yet a lot of the stress of taking the SAT and ACT can be avoided the earlier test preparation is started. “I’ve taken the ACT three times since se...

BRAIN BREAK: Mr. Stefan Welsh’s eighth period class takes a break during the period to move and stretch. Activities similar to this “brain break” were implemented throughout the duration of the Inspire Change Program.

Mental health initiative

April 3, 2018

The Inspiring Change program has made people laugh, breathe deeper, meditate and be happier within in the school environment. e program took place during a six week period from English department co-chair Mrs. Kim Striby and Roncalli social worker Ms. Kelley Fisher put a lot of thought into the program “ e SAP group always wants to address mental health in school, [so] wanted to co...

PERFECT MATCH: Junior Makayla Gilley asks sophomore Tyce Freije to the Sadie Hawkins dance. The photo was captured after Freije won sectionals, advancing to regionals.

Ladies, get excited for Sadie’s

February 23, 2018

As school dances approach, immense pressure is put on males to plan elaborate proposals. Because of gender roles, having a girl ask a guy to a school dance is rare. Sadie Hawkins, a girls-ask-guys dance, is meant to empower women and break the social norms that are present in today’s society.In 1934, comic artist Al Capp introduced the character Sadie Hawkins in his strip Li’l Abner. Sadie, a woma...

GATHERING PLACE: Rebels congregate in the lobby after an early dismissal. Many students, especially underclassmen, find themselves stuck at Roncalli without rides hours after the final bell.

Lobby life

February 2, 2018

Every day after school, students have to fight through the masses gathered in the lobby waiting for a ride home. Consisting mostly of underclassmen who are unable to drive, many will be trapped at Roncalli for hours after the final bell. Athletes often find themselves in the lobby while waiting for a practice that starts later in the evening. Sophomore Elliana Aleski has to wait after school for ...

HEAD IN THE GAME: Senior Shane Sanneman guards his opponent at his team’s game against St. Christopher. His St. Jude team lost this game which ended their run at city.

Competitive, stress-free sports

January 23, 2018

Rivalries sweep the hallways, friends turn against friends, trash talking for days, and the root of all of this is CYO basketball. Many Roncalli students take part in this extracurricular activity that has grown to be immensely popular over the years. Rebels are part of teams from different parishes around the archdiocese and compete for glory. This league gives players something to do outside of school with...

BOOM: New Years is assumed to be the perfect time to attempt to keep a new resolution in life. However, many resolutions are not kept for very long.

Rebel Resolutions

January 18, 2018

Each new year brings a time of new beginnings or resolutions for people. Some of which are kept, others forgotten through the year. A person’s resolution can tell a lot about them and their expectations for the year to come. Resolutions started 4,000 years ago with the Babylonians, who were also the first documented to celebrate the new year. Their resolutions consisted of making promises and payin...

CAUTION: Coming out of school Monday morning resulted in many cars in the bubble parking lot covered in snow and ice. Many students had to dig out their car scrapers and brush off the snow and ice to be able to see on the drive home.

Dreading the drive on icy roads

January 16, 2018

As Christmas break came to a halt, unfortunately, the cold weather did not leave with the festivities. The very first day of school following Christmas break resulted in many student cars sliding out of their parking spots. The cars were parked right outside the football stadium and on a slant. Since the roads were icy that day, the cars were not able to stay in their spots and slid down the parking...

SHOWING THE WAY: Senior tour guide Grace Murphy and visual arts teacher Mr. Mark Stratton talk about the creative arts department. Visual arts is one of the many activities guests had the opportunity to explore and learn about at the annual Open House.

Doors open wide

November 15, 2017

Each year, Roncalli opens its doors to give a glimpse into student life for middle schoolers interested in the school. Excitement can be felt throughout the lobby and halls as current students eagerly wait to present the school and drum up enthusiasm for future Rebels. The Advancement Office puts forth a lot of effort behind the scenes to make Open House a possibility. Planning usually starts a...

COUNTING DOWN: As the departure date for NCYC nears, youth minister at St. Jude Sean Hussey discusses some last minutes plans with a group of students. NCYC will take place in Lucas Oil Stadium this weekend.

Responding to the “Call”

November 15, 2017

Imagine, if you can, an NFL stadium full of thousands of teenagers from across the country all wearing strange hats and sitting in reverent silence in front of the exposed Eucharist. This is the experience that 167 Roncalli students are signing up for this weekend. The National Catholic Youth Conference, or NCYC, brings teenagers from around the country to Indianapolis to listen to keynote speakers,...

HONORING THE DEAD: Students make altars for famous people. Making altars in one of the many traditions that people do during Day of the Dead.

Celebrating Culture

November 10, 2017

Dia de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead,” is a holiday observed in Central and South America where families celebrate the life of deceased relatives and friends. Throughout the Roncalli Spanish department, students are doing exciting activities to celebrate and learn more about the holiday, including making posters and having fiestas. “I’m teaching my students how to make altars,” Spanish tea...

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