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TESTING: Sophomores and juniors took the PSAT last week. They were the first to experience the new test modifications.

Changes in testing

November 3, 2015

Last Wednesday, sophomores and juniors took the PSAT to prepare them for the subsequent SAT later down the road.  This year in particular brought about many changes to the SAT, thus affecting the PSAT as well.   New revisions included a revamped essay (not found in PSAT), more charts and graphs, an absence of obscure vocabulary, and a procedure where wrong answers were no longer penalized. Stud...

QUIET: Students attend Ch.1 in Mr. Ben Grimes' room. Teachers have been asked to make sure that classrooms are silent in order for students to maximize their work time without distraction.

Silence is golden

October 6, 2015

A new policy for Roncalli students’ Channel 1 began last week, enforcing silence.  Along with this rule, the TVs that once broadcast the news were also shut off. The idea is to create a more relaxing and less distracting environment for the students. This new rule has brought about positive changes for people in Channel 1.  On the flipside, some students feel like this policy has impacted th...

Senior Max van Dongen browses through the school's twitter account. It is one of the many ways that students can stay connected to the school.

Roncalli takes to the web

August 24, 2015

Internet use is becoming more and more commonplace each year, even here at school. Not only can grades be checked online, it is also possible to connect with teachers and peers through email. Students can also view and submit assignments on websites such as Canvas. There is a Facebook account and a Twitter account for the school, as well as many other social media accounts for other clubs and o...

Logging On: The login page for the school’s Canvas program features Roncalli logo and colors. The school made the switch Canvas over the summer.

Bringing canvas to campus

August 24, 2015

As of this school year, Roncalli has made the switch from MyBigCampus to Canvas as an online learning management system. For years, MyBigCampus has been the primary tool used by teachers throughout the school to post assignments, announcements, videos, and interact with students. However, at the end of last school year, Lightspeed Systems announced that MyBigCampus will shut down as of July 31,...

THE SLICE: Originally Sunset Strips, the new cafeteria line will now be called The Slice. Due to the popularity of pizza on Wednesdays, the cafeteria switched to pizza every day.

Cafeteria flow

August 24, 2015

Students are noticing changes made to the cafeteria during the summer months. Originally, the two lines in the middle right were Sunset Strip. To help cafeteria flow, students now can select food from The Slice and the Sandwich Shop. “We thought it would help expedite the cafeteria flow,” said Lanni Cummings, Food and Catering Services Director. So far, it seems that the new lines have positiv...

Summer in Spain: Senior Sophia McGuire spent the summer in Leon, Spain experiencing the Spanish Culture. While abroad, students get the chance to explore the country, take classes, and live with a host family for seven weeks.

Opportunity of a lifetime

August 24, 2015

This summer 12 students were given the opportunity of a lifetime. Through the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages (IUHPFL), they were immersed into foreign countries and given the opportunity to study a new language and culture.  For seven weeks, they studied abroad in three different countries. The IU Honors program offers students all over the state the chance to study abroad ...

WELCOMING FROSH: Seniors waited to welcome freshman as they arrived on the circle for Freshman Orientation. Freshen Orientation is a chance for incoming students to meet each other and become used to the Roncalli enviornment.

Freshman Orientation

August 24, 2015

This year’s freshman orientation was an important one because the incoming freshman class is the biggest in Roncalli history. So it was key for the freshman to feel welcomed and feel the Roncalli spirit. The main question was did the seniors do a good job doing this or not. Judging from the two freshmen that were interviewed, it seems that they all enjoyed it. At a time like this, senior leadership is im...

Students attend a tap dancing lessons before trying out for the musical

Musical preparation commences

August 24, 2015

Last week, students hastily arrived in the choir room after school, eager to learn a few tap dancing techniques.  The theater department had called in outside help to teach the basics of tap dancing to anyone who was interested in auditioning for the school’s fall musical, “42nd Street.” Among the students that attended was freshman Samantha Gosser, who hadn’t tap danced since she was ab...

Walking for Kids:  Students from the South Side get ready for the walk.  They raised over $13,000.

Mile to celebrate

May 12, 2015

MStudents from all across the South Side were at the Anna’s Midnight Mile.  The schools that were represented were Southport, Bishop Chatard, Perry Meridian, Franklin Central, Greenwood, Center Grove, and Roncalli.  This year, they raised over $13,000 for the benefit of special need kids. The Midnight Mile was named after Anna Molloy.  At a young age, Molloy was diagnosed with Geleophysics...

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