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Nathaniel Harbers

Nathaniel Harbers, Staff Writer

Nathaniel Harbers is a sophomore that attends The Roncalli High School. Nathaniel Harbers occasionally line judges for the female volleyball team, he also jogs and stretches with the cross country team. During the winter Nathaniel lifts  outrageously heavy weights with his colleague Samuel Scott and his in-school acquaintance Anthony Uberta. Nathaniel Harbers was originated from the Illinois area and so did his 6'0 tall friend Ben Eck.

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Fantasy Basketball

March 29, 2021
For the Views:  Senior Ali Dafforn continues to grow her TikTok page with new and creative content. Dafforn currently has over 32,000 followers and over 345,000 likes on her account.

TikTok on the clock

November 23, 2020
Heater: Emma Halter serves up a fastball against Martinsville. Halter led the team to a victory with seven aces.

Longhorn Commit

October 23, 2020
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Nathaniel Harbers