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Greetings, my name is Mason Beer, also known as "Colin's brother" or "Dean's son". I am 5'9 Leo who likes watching movies and hanging out con mi amigos. I dropped year three of drafting to be in this class, which I think was a pretty cool idea ngl. I ran cross country for three years and swim swimming for two years. People often say I'm the most average person you'll meet, which I agree with. What some people may not know about me is that I struggle each and every day with a peanut allergy. This defect has crippled my ability to do anything relevant in the world, besides newspaper of course. Oh I also played CYO volleyball and on the day that I'm typing this is the state match. So hopefully we win, that'd be neat.

Mason Beer, Staff Writer

Dec 13, 2019
For the blue, white, and red (Story)
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Mason Beer