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Ronan Euzen
Ronan is junior at Roncalli High School, and the 2020-2021 school year is his second year being on the newspaper staff. Ronan is a member of the cross country team, a practicing Catholic, and does, in fact, have ten fingers. In his free time, Ronan participates in sitting, standing, and breathing while performing various activities. He highly enjoys hydrating, drinking water, and consuming dihydrogen monoxide. For hours and hours upon end, Ronan deeply researches various aspects of Shrek lore. After taking the "Which Kung Fu Panda Character Are You" Buzzfeed quiz, Ronan discovered he is Po Ping, the Dragon Warrior. Raised in a noodle shop, Po never sought glory or fame. However, he climbed a mountain top and earned the Dragon Warrior name.  Master Shifu saw the Warrior blossom, and master the skills of bodacious and awesome. Po lives, trains, and fights with the Furious Five. He protects the valley, something something alive. Po is the Kung Fu Panda. On Mole Day in 2019, Ronan created a mole that looked like Po for extra credit in Ben North's chemistry class. Unfortunately, Ronan did not win the Mole Day competition.

"To make something special, you just have to believe it is special." -Mr. Ping

Ronan Euzen, Staff Writer

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Ronan Euzen