A Spring Sensation

The Roncalli Performing Arts Center presents: ”You Can’t Take It With You”


Whoops!: From Left to Right: Ed Carmichael (Levi Ralson), Paul Sycamore (Brian Bobko), Boris Kolenkhov (Chris Figueroa), Anthony Kirby, Sr. (Xavier Wilson), Mrs. Kirby (Abby Conway), Alice Sycamore (Sophie Louthain), Anthony (Tony) Kirby, Jr. (Zachary Mayer), and Grandpa Martin Vanderhof (Trey Koch). The two families are discussing what they are doing for dinner, as the Kirby’s have arrived a day early.

Imagine you are in a house just minding your business when KA-BOOM! A colorful display of fireworks goes off in the room next to you, indoors. This is one of the normal situations for Alice Sycamore, one of the leading characters in the Roncalli Spring Performance of “You Can’t Take It With You”. This performance follows Alice and her boyfriend Tony, the son of Alice’s boss, as they try to bring their families together. Tony’s family runs a business and are an uptight family. Alice’s family is quite the opposite, with each of their family members doing their own thing, whether they are good at what they do or not. 

Many people have not heard of this production before. Made in 1936, it was originally put on for Broadway and performed around 800 shows. Mrs. Erin Bohn, one of the directors, said that “This is an older show. Not many people knew it even existed before this, but we wanted to bring something new to the stage,” 

Created in the 1930s, this production has rarely been heard of. Since this show is not well known, the directors have decided to bring it to the spotlight.

“Our audience is open to comedies, so we thought to bring this out into the light this year.” Director Mr. Phillip Anderson said. It’s an interesting change from the murder mystery production of last year’s “Mousetrap”.

“This is a ‘Fool’s Comedy’” he added, which means that it has a lot of physical and timing humor in this show. 

As a lesser-known performance, “You Can’t Take It With You” is not like the casual Broadway performance. “I’m excited to see the different reactions that we get from different people from this show because this is not the typical performance that we do,” actor Zach Mayer said. “I am excited for this last year to end it by doing my best.” 

“Both my favorite and hardest thing that I did during this production was staying in character because my friends and I have so much fun, that we forget to stay in character,” Mayer said.

As opening night came closer, so did the wave of COVID-19. Unfortunately, since the Governor said that there were to be no meetings of more than 250 people, the show has been postponed until a later date. This is a historic moment in the RHS theatre department because this is the only time that there has been an opening and “closing” show on the same night.

The overall reaction from the audience is that this show was amazing. Despite the bitter and sudden pause in the production, people were pleased with this performance, saying that it was one of the best ones they have seen in a long time.

Nevertheless, the cast and crew of “You Can’t Take It With You” hope that you had a “blast” after seeing the show. We hope that you will come and see the many productions we will put on in the future and just remember: YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU!