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HOLY MOLE, BATMAN: This pictured mole project is a play on the household arts and crafts brand of CrayolaTM. The moles themselves are the numerous “crayons” inside the box.

Chemical commemorations

October 26, 2020

Every year on October 23, the chemistry classes celebrate the holiday known as Mole Day, which is the scientific holiday that celebrates the unit of measurement known as the mole. Despite the current coronavirus situation, mole day celebrations will not yield to the pandemic, and excitement is building as the chemistry party grows near. “Mole Day is like my Christmas morning,” chemistry teacher M...

CEREAL SADNESS: Sophomore Ronan Euzen is overcome by utter depression as he prepares to eat cereal for the millionth time. Fortunately for him, quarantine presents him with the time to undertake the task of learning how to cook.

Pandemic pastimes

June 3, 2020

As the majority of the United States continues to hunker down in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, one issue that many people have begun to face is how to stay occupied. Although at quick glance, this problem can seem drastic, there are actually many ways one can find entertainment during these tough times.  For example, one thing that many people have begun to do to keep themselves occupie...

Whoops!: From Left to Right: Ed Carmichael (Levi Ralson), Paul Sycamore (Brian Bobko), Boris Kolenkhov (Chris Figueroa), Anthony Kirby, Sr. (Xavier Wilson), Mrs. Kirby (Abby Conway), Alice Sycamore (Sophie Louthain), Anthony (Tony) Kirby, Jr. (Zachary Mayer), and Grandpa Martin Vanderhof (Trey Koch). The two families are discussing what they are doing for dinner, as the Kirby’s have arrived a day early.

A Spring Sensation

April 9, 2020

Imagine you are in a house just minding your business when KA-BOOM! A colorful display of fireworks goes off in the room next to you, indoors. This is one of the normal situations for Alice Sycamore, one of the leading characters in the Roncalli Spring Performance of “You Can’t Take It With You”. This performance follows Alice and her boyfriend Tony, the son of Alice’s boss, as they try to ...

PROACTIVE APPROACH: This graphic includes strategies students can use to help prepare for final exams. This information was collected from the Roncalli daily planner.

Finals are coming…

December 16, 2019

It was a crisp December morning. All was calm at Roncalli High School, all was bright. Students realized that with the end of the semester comes a trial so challenging, even saying its name makes people terrified. Finals.  They’re coming and faster than you expect. One day it’s December 1st, then all of a sudden, it’s December 16th, two days until finals begin. Don’t panic, for there a...

Astronomical aeronautics

by Ronan Euzen, Staff Writer

December 13, 2019

With an increasing frequency of activities and a rapidly ascending number of members, aeronautics club is growing from a small fledgling bird into a majestic, graceful eagle of a club. Sophomore David Love and senior Noah Schafer started the club last year. “I went to Mr. Banich to start a drone club, but it came out as aeronautics club to fit a wider range of interests,” Love said. One of the most notable trips that the aeronautics club conducted was to the control tower at the Indianapolis International Airport. “In the control tower we went in the room where they communicate with the pilots,” sophomore ...

SMILE FOR SERVICE: Roncalli’s own physics teacher, Mr. Ben Grimes, and technical theatre teacher, Mr. Phillip Anderson, smile big for their country.

Department of Veterans Affairs education benefits earned by active members. It was created to provide a service to eligible veterans to cover the costs of their education and training.

Another way his time in the Army benefitted him was with important lessons that would be brought back home with him.

For the blue, white, and red

December 13, 2019

War is defined as a state of armed conflict between different nations or states. Many of us will never experience war. The closest we’ll ever be to war is the Chick-fil-A challenge against Franklin Central. Two Roncalli teachers, however, have been in the armed forces to protect our beloved country. Those brave Rebels are our physics teacher, Mr. Ben Grimes, and theatre director...

SADDENING SNOWFALL: Sophomore Ronan Euzen stares dejectedly at the ground, perhaps pondering the bleak scenario in which he is part of the last generation in Indiana that gets to experience snow. If climate change continues, this scenario could come to fruition.

No more white Christmases, boomers

December 13, 2019

The Christmas season is upon us, and for most people here in Indiana, that means plummeting temperatures, icy roads, an absurd amount of potholes, and of course, snow. However, in the decades to come, this picturesque view of a winter wonderland could dramatically change.  Due to the impending global threat of climate change, the snow of the holiday season and the beloved activities made possibl...

Blast from the past: Roncalli Media Edition

December 13, 2019

With the holiday season in full swing, one of the biggest questions a high schooler gets asked at awkward family gatherings is, “so, what do you plan to do once you graduate?” Whether it is your aunt you only see twice a year,  your mom getting on you for not planning ahead, or your cousin just trying to make small talk, the stress of the future can be overwhelming. The one thing that does seem to always help though, is seeing students that came before you doing what they love. They seem so happy (according to their instagram feeds), and you just can’t help but be a little jealous of their college life. Well her...

Chatting with the speech team

by Jean-Luc Euzen, Staff Writer

October 23, 2019

Although the spotlight tends to be shined upon the athletic teams of Roncalli, there is a whole other world of competition that exists and thrives within the school’s walls: the speech team. The team is coached passionately by teachers Mr. Phil Milroy and Mrs. Tristan Litz. Milroy and Litz, who competed on a speech team herself throughout college, enjoy coaching the team because of the way they get to see students grow and find their voice. “It is incredibly meaningful and fulfilling work,” Litz said.  This upcoming season, the team has big goals in mind, hoping to put more competitors in the state...

Students de-stress out West

Students de-stress out West

August 22, 2019

Huffing and puffing, senior Harrison Sisk climbed down the Bright Angel Trail contemplating every moment of the last 17 years of his life. Out of all of these moments, the biggest one on his mind was the fact that another camper had accidently took his food supply for the week. Everything he planned on eating was now a six hour drive away. He was hot, tired, and most definitely hungry - but he still...

Senior Maggie Hollcraft along with Juniors Sarah Bailey, London Armstrong, and Meg Leising enjoy snorkeling with Manta rays at sunset.

Rebels take Hawaii

August 22, 2019

For most people, a trip to Hawaii maybe just a vacation. For students interested in marine biology, a trip to Hawaii could be a chance to discover more about a future career.  This past summer, Seven students took a 15-day trip, undertaking two weeks of school in Hawaii. Led by Ms. Carrol, the students would participate in hands-on activities either on the beach or at the school, learning more in-dept...

Senior Amanda Prather is up to bat in Roncalli's home game against Whiteland. Prather had helped in the varsity win by contributing 2 hits and RBIs.

Starting the season right

April 24, 2019

The Lady Rebels softball program kicked off its season with a strong start. Each team won its first game and continue strong from its high start. The seasons look very promising as they go towards their goals to become Circle City Conference, Marion County, and Sectional championships and win 20 games. Instead of having a freshman, junior varsity, and varsity teams, the softball program is currently d...

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