Club comeback

Roncalli clubs return to instill a sense of calm within students


Photo by Thomas Sheridan

FRISBEE FANATICS: Junior Braeden Cooper beams across the field, hoping to receive a pass from senior Lucy Houser. Ultimate Frisbee Club was the first club to meet during the 2020-2021 school year. In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, the club met outside.

During times of crisis, people long for a sense of normalcy; Americans turned to comedic television shows such as “Saturday Night Live” after the despair of 9/11, after Hurricane Katrina, New Orlenians turned to music and culture, when a loved one dies, people turn towards each other for support. 

In the era of COVID-19, normalcy has become a commodity. Through clubs, Roncalli is attempting to grant some much-needed stability to its student body.

This year, the school is altering some aspects of clubs in order to make them possible to have.

“We’re keeping them all on campus,” Assistant Principal for Student Life Mr. Kevin Banich said. “We’re also going to do as many of [the clubs] outside as we can.”

Another way that the school is trying to ensure student safety at club gatherings is by limiting the number of students within a club.

“There’s no cap for the clubs but for each individual meeting there will be a limit to students in order to accommodate social distancing,” Banich said.

A prime example of a club adapting under the circumstances presented by COVID-19 is the Four Paws Club.

“[Typically] we would travel to a local animal shelter and work for two hours,” Four Paws club moderator and English teacher Mr. Anthony Walters said. “This year, we will be staying at school and making products and toys to donate to an animal shelter.”

And thus, although the members of the Four Paws club will not be able to visit the shelter, their furry four-legged friends will still be able to experience the utter and complete bliss of a homemade chew toy.

 Not only is the return of clubs a source of joy for man’s best friend, but homosapiens themselves are also eagerly awaiting the reemergence of club life.

“This year, I hope to see the return of the Speech Team, as well as the Art Club and Cooking Club,” junior and speaking enthusiast Amanda Wolf said. “Club extracurriculars provide a gratifying outlet for socializing, service, and sheer, simple fun.”

Similarly to other clubs, the Speech Team is also adapting in order to meet safety procedures.

“The Speech Team may be going virtual this year, though I’m not sure what that will look like,” Wolf said. “There’s no doubt our ever-assiduous coaches will keep correspondence with us and guide our adaptation to the new structure as the season progresses.”

As Roncalli continues its school year and tries to establish a new normal, clubs will remain an anchor point to the seemingly distant but relished pre-COVID world.