Budget Homecoming Week Outfits

Tips and tricks to help you survive Homecoming dress-up week.


70’s $4.49

Dressing up for spirit days can be hard so the Royal review is here to help with that. Here are some fun,  budget-friendly, tips for homecoming week based on each day.

Holiday day tips. Holidays are fun for everyone but dressing up for them isn’t always that fun. So here are some tips to help. If your favorite holiday is Christmas then you can either wear something you already have like an ugly Christmas sweater or a festive hat, or you can go to Goodwill for various items. If your favorite holiday is Easter, you could wear bunny ears and fun colors or simply wear an easter shirt or fun colors that relate to easter. If your favorite holiday is Halloween you can wear a Halloween shirt or you could design your own t-shirt with a blank shirt and a sharpie. If you really don’t want to dress up but you want to be out of uniform you can simply wear all green for St. Patrick’s day.  Most things at Goodwill are 4.49 so you could buy an entire outfit for about $15.

Students vs teachers day is Tuesday. For this day students should pick their favorite teacher and dress like them. You could wear a lab coat and dress up like Mr Grimes, you can wear a bow tie and be Mr Milroy, you could even wear basketball shorts and a shirt and be Coach Brown. The teachers will then dress up as the students. Some tips for the guys would be to wear button up shirts or polos, flannels could also work. Then for pants something simple like dressy pants or jeans. Make sure jeans do not have holes in them. The girls could wear dresses or a sweater. Jeans are okay to wear. To keep it simple a nice shirt would be sufficient. Tips to save money would be to try to find anything in your closet. (most of these things people have). Another option is goodwill. Goodwill has tons of clothes for a very low price.

For all you Disney lovers out there, Wednesday is your day. The objective for this day is to get decked out in your Disney gear! Students can be simple and just wear a shirt with either a Disney phrase or character on it. Sadly students may not wear elaborate and crazy costumes. But here’s another way to look like your favorite character. Say your favorite is Mickey Mouse, the suggested attire would be black shirt and red shorts and mouse ears. Or how about Peter Pan, a simple green shirt and black pants. You may not wear leggings. To find these things once again Goodwill would be the best bet.

70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s. These decades are so different and vibrant in their styles but that shouldn’t stop students from dressing up. For all ages, the best thing to do is to go to Goodwill. They have every style and decade there. For seniors it would be best to find elaborate patterns and bright colors. Keep your eye out for wide leg jeans and anything platform. Juniors have a really bright and colorful decade.

The 80’s were full of bold colors and patterns. If you want to make an outfit at home, go for a bright sweater or sweatshirt with colorful pants (no leggings). Or wear wide legged jeans with an 80’s style shirt (something with a lot of patterns and colors). You can also find all of these things at Goodwill, they have so many options for the 80’s and at a really cheap price.

For Sophomores it’s best to think grunge. If you have any of this at home use it. But if not, go to Goodwill and be on the lookout for boot cut jeans, baggy pants, flannels, leather, darker/neutral colors and combat boots of sorts. 

Decades are difficult to do from home especially from the 2000’s, but if you have the materials, wear baggy pants or a patterned skirt (for girls and be sure it’s the appropriate length). Then be sure to layer tops. Go for a tank top over a t-shirt or a normal shirt over a long-sleeved shirt. If you really want to go to the extreme2000’s then you can wear a dress with jeans underneath. For guys think baggy shirts with baggy pants. Look for bold patterns or 2000’s themed shirts.

Red White and Blue day.Last day of spirit week is for all of you patriotic students. The theme is red, white and blue. Luckily our school colors match this so you may wear Roncalli spirit wear. A simple idea is just red, white or blue shirts. And for accessories, they can be colorful necklace beads, bracelets,  sunglasses. It is suggested that you go for a royalty theme like crowns, capes and things like that. Tips would be to rely on Goodwill. For accessories, Dollar tree or dollar general would most likely have them. And for a cheap price, too. It’s the last dress up day Royals, make it the best one!

Well Royals, we hope this helps for you to show your school spirit and do your very best homecoming week!