Unmatched talent, grit for gold

Boy’s Volleyball achieves #1 ranking in Indiana with 30-1 winning streak


SET IT UP: Above is a snapshot of the Southport match from March, picturing Andrew Dial setting up a hit for Charlie Schoettle. Dial has assisted 581 hits to date.

Setting new heights for the volleyball program, the boy’s varsity team brings in win after win. Coach John Kesterson describes the group and why they have been so successful.

This team plays as a cohesive unit,” Kesterson said. “Everyone gets along, plays well together, and cheers every player on.”

Across the entire state of Indiana, our boys rank #1, with a near undefeated score. Kesterson believes this team to be the most talented he’s ever coached, and their grit carries them through rough starts.

“We don’t have a weak spot on the court and our depth is unmatched in the state,” Kesterson said. “It doesn’t matter the situation, this team believes in itself and knows they will win.”

Anticipating a state championship alongside his coach, senior Noah Witmer enjoys playing on the team, adding that this year has been full of excitement.

“Senior season has been splendid, and it has been great to spend time with teammates before games and practices,” Witmer said.

Witmer has 0.378% hitting, which is considered excellent in the volleyball world. He attributes part of his success to the passses of his fellow teammate junior Andrew Dial, named “Player of the Match” in five separate matches.

Fellow senior Charlie Schoettle notes that the group has been energetic and the best in their craft for every position on the court. Schoettle plays middle hitter, a position with three goals.

“First is to set up a block with either or both of the pin hitters (hitters near antennas) to funnel the ball to our back row defense,” Schoettle said. “The second would be, on offense, to force the opposing middle blocker to commit a block so that our pin hitters have a 1-on-1 situation. Finally, if the setter creates a 1-on-1 for me, then I need a good swing on the ball with a high kill percentage.”

The boys played schools like Ritter that recently defeated ranked teams, and were stepping up their game due to their hot streak. Heading into the Metro Tournament soon, Schoettle concludes that the games will be equally competitive.

“There isn’t a single team who is going to roll over and let us beat them; every team is going to fight for every point so we have to do the same,” Schoettle said.

Despite this impending intensity, the team continues to embody the spirit of teamwork, according to Schoettle. The final challenge will be winning state, and securing Witmer and other seniors a final-year championship ring.