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Navigating the most difficult part of senior year: ‘senioritis’

Seniors share how ‘senioritis’ is affecting their work ethic second semester
Seniors Josephine Bleizeffer, Anna Povinelli, Sophia Kelley and Mr. Michael Wantz, Assistant Principal for Student Life, are all uniting together in a team circle to fight ‘senioritis.’ photo by Annah Meehan

As the final semester of school is well underway, the term ‘senioritis’ buzzes in every corridor, becoming a hot topic among the student body and faculty. This phenomenon affects the daily lives of seniors and they experience ‘senioritis’ in vastly different ways with even educators having noticed a trend. So is ‘senioritis’ a mere myth, or a tangible reality within the halls of Roncalli?


Anna Povinelli: The Waning Motivation

For senior Anna Povinelli, senioritis manifests as a noticeable dip in productivity. 

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“My motivation to do work has definitely decreased,” she said. 

Balancing school with spending time with friends has become a challenge for many. The impending and terrifying responsibilities of adulthood are balanced with a nostalgia that high school is ending soon. 

“At times I remember when I started high school and especially when I see one of my three years ago Snapchat memories. I don’t feel ready to be an adult. It doesn’t feel real that I’m gonna be in college in a few months.”

Povinelli’s senioritis is further emphasized by the fact that she knows about her future plans.

“I know that when I go to college I will be exposed to new things and have a new independence that is very exciting. That fuels my senioritis because there are things to look forward to,” Povinelli said. 


Kate Pittman: The Resilient Scholar

Contrastingly, senior Kate Pittman hasn’t succumbed to senioritis. Facing a rigorous semester, she feels the need to maintain her academic performance to waive finals – a special perk given to seniors second semester.

“I anticipated senioritis, especially with graduation and college preparations looming. But my current workload and academic goals keep me grounded,” said Pittman.


Samantha Kilgus: The Dreamer

Senior Samantha Kilgus expresses how senioritis has taken over every aspect of her life, leading to her growing excitement for college and a fresh start. 

“The focus just isn’t there anymore. I’m more invested in my future beyond Indiana in college,” she shared.

Despite this, she takes each day as it comes, not allowing her anticipation for college to completely overshadow her present responsibilities.


Aubrey Silcox: The Driven Senior

Senior Aubrey Silcox’s experience defies the typical senioritis narrative. Silcox utilizes her study halls well and does most if not all of her homework at school. With her steady schedule in school and hanging out with her friends in her free time, she feels more motivated to end her high school journey on a high note. 

“Senior year feels easier, and I feel extra motivated because I’m determined to finish strong,” she explained.


Liam Huff: The Relaxed Realist

On the other hand, senior Liam Huff experiences a typical case of senioritis, with a shift in focus from academics to social life and relaxation in preparation for college. 

“Knowing that I’m already accepted into college and my plans are set, my motivation for high school has disappeared. I’m just ready to graduate and move on,” he said.


Jack Reed: The Steady Force

Senior Jack Reed’s experience is unique; his motivation remains unaffected by senioritis.

“Since I’m uncertain about my college plans, I’m still motivated in school. It feels like a normal year to me,” he said, while also hinting that once he is confident in his future, his drive might lessen.


Mrs. Hinesly: The Educator’s Perspective

Science teacher Mrs. Katy Hinesly, a teacher, observes senioritis as an annual trend, intensifying in the second semester. 

“They stop thinking about high school and start thinking more about college. This can be a good thing but it makes it harder to stay motivated in the second semester” Hinsley said.

The pattern is consistent: students start the year energized but often lose steam as they near graduation. 

Hinesly humorously sees the trend as it comes “Every year, every day, every moment.”


Senioritis is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Different people’s diverse range of experiences underscores the unique ways students navigate the challenges and anticipations of their final year in high school.

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