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Learning in Lent

Tips for keeping Lenten promises and growing during the season
Photo by Elise Baker
Sophomore Lauren Candler receives ashes on Ash Wednesday. Candler believes Lent is an important time to rely on God. “Lent helps you strengthen your relationship with God because you learn to rely on Him and not other things,” Candler said.

Lent should be a season of growth during the 40 days meant for fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. Lenten sacrifices should help bring you closer to God and build your faith and character. Although it can sometimes feel like Lenten promises might be difficult to keep, there are many ways to help focus on the meaning of Lent and avoid giving up. 

“It is important to keep these promises because that’s the least you can do to show your dedication to God,” sophomore Becca Engel said. 

This Lenten season, Engel’s goal was to limit her screen time and read a bible verse every day. If she ever lost motivation, she thought of how Jesus sacrificed food, water, and so much more for 40 days. Engel recommended replacing a normal habit with a Lenten promise as a tip for succeeding during Lent. 

“Instead of looking at your phone and nonstop watching videos, set your phone down and pray or do an act of service, or whatever your promise is,” Engel said. 

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Sophomore Madi Wethington also offered advice on how to keep Lenten promises. Wethington recommended telling others about the sacrifice or making a deal with a friend to either keep a similar promise or hold each other accountable. In addition to that, Wethington suggested reflecting on the meaning behind our Lenten promises to regain motivation. 

“Remind yourself of why you are making a sacrifice,” Wethington said. “I like to read scripture or pray in order to turn myself to a more positive way of thinking.” 

Looking to the future also served as motivation for Wethington, as the self-control needed during Lent could help develop attributes of discipline, will power, and judgment. Wethington also emphasized the importance of Lenten promises being achievable sacrifices, not unattainable challenges. 

“Remove something that you don’t need to get through your day, but also make sure that what you are giving up will bring some sort of discomfort,” Wethington said.

Freshman Brigid Boyle agreed that a Lenten promise should result in a change of character and habits, and a promise shouldn’t be too easy. She recommended thinking and acting with an extra amount of mindfulness in order to keep Lenten sacrifices.

“You can use the Lord’s help and guidance to get back on the right track,” Boyle said. 

Overall, while it could be hard to keep Lenten promises, it is beneficial to remember that everyone shared in this struggle, and there are solutions to make Lent a bit easier. Especially if we keep in mind that the struggle of Lent will end up helping build faith and character in the long run. 

“These sacrifices also allow us to remain focused on the truth of Lent, which is the sacrifice and suffering of Jesus,” Wethington said. 

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