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Preparing for the big test

Students work hard to earn the highest possible score on their AP tests
Photo by Annah Meehen
Students in AP Biology class work together while studying their lesson from class. The AP Biology test is 3 hours long and tests student’s skills and knowledge of coursework from the whole year.

As AP test dates grow closer, students work hard to best prepare themselves for what’s to come. The Advanced Placement (AP) exams are standardized tests that measure the student’s mastery of their yearlong AP course on a 5 point scale. The testing takes place over two separate weeks, May 6-10 and May 13-17, and it covers a wide range of material including math, science, art, history, and other subjects. 

For students studying for multiple AP tests at once, choosing the AP class to prioritize can be a difficult task. Senior Jacob Cromer takes AP Language, German, and Biology and must consider many factors when choosing the class he will devote most of his time to. 

“I will definitely be spending the most time studying for AP Bio because of the mass amount of knowledge and concepts required in order to pass the test,” Cromer said. 

Another decision students must make is when to start studying for their AP tests. While cramming a few days before the exam might be appealing, students usually want to space out their practicing to help them remember more material. 

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I try to start studying about a month before the exam,” senior Anna Rosario said,  “Usually that means I’m starting to look over the chapters from 1st semester and learn about the format of the exam.”

Online study tools can be a beneficial resource when studying for the AP test. Students are able to take practice tests and review course material in a convenient, easily accessible way. Senior Ries Schilten uses online resources to help him prepare for his AP Government exam. 

“There are a lot of confusing terms and events which need to be memorized and applied to various topics in AP Government class,” Schilten said, “ but doing practice tests on Quizlet and AP Classroom boost my long term memory and better challenge myself to remember specific terms.” 

 During this stressful time of year students make special efforts to keep balance in their lives by taking periodic breaks from studying. This can benefit their mental health and help them manage the stress that comes with AP testing.

“Exercising and sports helps me relieve stress and stay focused, so that when I am done working out or practicing I can come back to my work ready to lock in,” Schilten said. 

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