The music of a community

Taking a deeper look into what music and artists Roncalli students enjoy most


With every type of music being so accessible to all through different outlets, it can be somewhat overwhelming to have every song at the push of a button. From music produced by Beethoven over 200 years ago to the world’s most recent artists, each person has the ability to listen to what they enjoy most. These different songs can be interpreted in so many different ways by each individual person. While all of these interpretations may be different, people are still able to share that specific song in common. 

Due to the overwhelming amount of choices people have when deciding what to listen to, The Newspaper Staff recently sent out a survey to all Roncalli students to gauge the students favorite types of music, artists, and genres. This allows the community to see similarities of music taste throughout different grade levels, personalities, and overall people. 

This survey hopes to bring Roncalli together, because despite the differences we face, enjoying music is something that everyone can relate to. With all of the information that we collected, the top ten artists at Roncalli were determined and can be found to the left, along with the school’s favorite music genres and eras.