High hopes for Harvard

Roncalli senior sets out to pursue bright future



MATRICULATION EXULTATION: Senior Coby García shines a radiant grin for his senior photo. García plans to go on to study bioethics and public policy at Harvard.

Anyone can dream of being a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer, but few people actually have the tenacity it takes to achieve their goals. Roncalli senior Coby García is not just anyone: he has proven himself to consistently exceed expectations.

Since before beginning to study at Roncalli during his junior year, García has been ambitious, striving to challenge himself whenever possible. 

“Coby is unique in his desire to want to learn more at every moment,” calculus teacher Mrs. Laura Armbruster reflects. “I’m quite certain that he never stops moving — whether that’s his physical body or his mind.”

García’s desire to seek knowledge has led him to pursue rigorous courses, even beyond the walls of Roncalli. Excelling not only in AP Chemistry and anatomy, García  also attends college courses weekly at IUPUI to study topics ranging from Chinese to anthropology. 

Chinese, however, is not García’s only language of focus. He additionally excels in AP French on top of his native English and Spanish. An aspiring quadrilingual speaker, he was selected to participate in Indiana University’s Honors Program in Foreign Languages. 

García is also very involved in the Indianapolis community, helping to tutor children at Hope for Tomorrow, a local organization supporting Burmese refugees and their children.On most weeknights, one can find García in the thick of teaching, captivating and expanding the knowledge of grade schoolers, enabling them to grow to reach their potential.

Not only does he push himself both academically and within the community, but he also works tirelessly to reach his potential as a varsity diver for Roncalli’s swim team, recently breaking into the top 10 for Roncalli’s all time best divers.

Coincidentally, García received the news that he was going to Harvard at a diving practice.

“I was at practice with another diver, and I opened the email and saw confetti and congrats and started freaking out,” García recalls. “After I got the email, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to disturb the practice going on.”

García’s acceptance into Harvard marks the opening up of a wide variety of possibilities.

“Coby will have a lot of unique opportunities to expand his knowledge at Harvard,” Mrs. Jessica Gattuso, García’s guidance counselor, acknowledges. “With his grit and passion for learning, Coby will definitely take advantage of those opportunities.”

Harvard’s unique opportunities will assist García in reaching his goal of becoming a medical professional in the public health care setting.

“After college I would like to volunteer with the WHO [World Health Organization] and then eventually come back to join the political sector,” García said.  

“There’s a cultural aspect to the healthcare world, and I think that’s a thing that many doctors don’t realize. I hope to eventually implement health practices that will switch the individualistic view of public health in America to one that promotes the protection of the community.”

Whether it is in the halls of Roncalli or the classrooms of IUPUI, at Hope for Tomorrow or concerning our nation as a whole, García has demonstrated his commitment to the community. His persistence, drive, and passion for success will pave the way for a bright future. 

Anyone can dream of making a difference. Coby García, however, refuses to dream: he actively develops a positive reality.