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A Christmas story to be told

How supporting relationships result in a great production
Photo by Annah Meehan
“The mother, played by Junior Molly Resler, comforts Ralphie, freshman J.P Miller, after he shoots his eye out playing with his new toy gun.”

A Christmas Story is a nostalgic movie that brings back memories from many adults’ childhoods. While it is special to catch it on T.V and relay old times, there is something even more special when it is being performed by a group of dedicated high school students. So for their 121st musical, the Roncalli Theater department chose to perform this Christmas Classic. 

A big part of theater is the relationships not only between the cast, crew and director, but with family members or friends who encourage or inspire actors to go out for roles. A great example of this is Junior Molly Resler who played the mother in A Christmas Story.

 “Through my supportive friends and family, they helped me audition and try out for a named part,” said Resler. 

Connecting to her role in A Christmas Story, Resler’s own mother was a huge reason for not only her audition but specifically her auditioning for the mother.  

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“My mom’s patience and kindness truly helped inspire me when figuring out my character,” said Resler

Resler is not the only one who had outside inspiration and people who helped her during this production. Lead actor, Freshman J.P Miller who played Ralphie also had inspiration and motivation during the length of the production. 

Mrs. Bohn, Mrs. Masten, and Mr. Anderson are the best directors  I’ve ever worked with; they’re so dedicated to the show. They make it the next level so seeing how they direct shows is very inspiring,” said Miller.  

Overall, without the relationship between cast, crew, and directors, as well as actors on stage and between family and friends productions such as A Christmas Story could not come together in the way they did. Theater is a huge part of many peoples lives, but the bonds they formed and everything they learned may not have been possible without the people supporting them all the way through. 

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