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Getting ready for a new chapter

Shadow guests prepare to attend Roncalli High School and become Royals this fall
Photo by Allie Ross
Freshmen Alex Jarvis prepares to host his shadow, Eli Baker, from St. Roch. Eli will get to experience a day at Roncalli with his shadow host.


With a new high school year right around the corner, 256 future Roncalli Royals have been shadowing current Royals throughout the school year as of January 2024. The shadowing program is when a current 8th grade student spends the day experiencing the high school environment through the eyes of a freshmen. This experience is an opportunity to learn more about the school.

Miss Allie Ross, director of admissions and marketing coordinates the shadow program.

“Shadowing is a great way for students to get an idea of what being a student at Roncalli is like,” Ross said. “They are able to get a good feel for what the roncalli spirit and family is like. They get to meet teachers, coaches, and they get to enjoy lunch.” In addition, “It also gives them an overall picture of what they should expect when they are a Roncalli student.” 

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Shadowing can also be exciting for teachers. They get the opportunity to ask the shadows many entertaining questions. For example, math teacher, Miss Lacey Hersman loves having shadows in her class and asking them a variety of questions.

“I ask shadows questions because I never want a shadow to come into my room feeling invisible or ignored,” Hersman said. “I want them to remember that moment. Although it may not seem like a huge deal to some, it may seem like a huge deal to them,” she said.

 “It is an opportunity for us to showcase what a real day at Roncalli looks like. We love welcoming future Royals into our classrooms and showing them the fun joyful experience that Roncalli has to offer,” Hersman said. “Some of my favorite questions to ask the shadows are their favorite pop tart flavor, what they like to do for fun, and what would be their favorite zoo animal they would want to adopt if they had the chance.”

Freshman Ryan Merkel shares his opinion on hosting a shadow.

“It is a good idea to shadow because you get an idea of what Roncalli is all about,” Merkel said. “Hosting a shadow was fun because I got to show them around and talk with them. It is better to shadow somebody that you know because they will tell you more about what classes you should and shouldn’t take.” 


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