House forms new homes

Bringing more attendance to Roncalli events, promoting healthy lives, forging new relationships, and offering a break from the day, house schedule is here to stay

With the teen mental health epidemic so prevalent in today’s society, Roncalli’s administration has decided to begin a more proactive approach to assist its students– house schedule. Now almost three quarters into the first year of the program, students and teachers alike have begun to develop a good feel of the new schedule and the benefits it may bring in the future.

The program was created with three main goals in mind.

“Number one is offering students a mental health break, number two is letting students know that they have trusted adults that care about them, and number three is creating relationships between students and teachers,” Assistant Principal for Student Activities Mr. Kevin Banich, the program’s creator, said. 

Despite positive intentions on the part of the administration, student reception, as of now, has been mixed. 

“It’s pretty good” junior Dylan Bruner said. “I enjoy the staff who run the meetings, although I would prefer different activities

However, it is important for the student body to know that leadership is well aware of their reluctance to fully dive into the program. 

“I think there are still some reservations about trying something new,” Banich said.“I don’t think it’s the type of program you can judge based off of six meetings; it builds over the course of a student’s four years.”

It appears that the community just needs a bit more time with the program for the benefits to set in. That’s not to say, however, that the program can/will not be improved for the recent future to better serve Roncalli. 

“If there would be a way to get the seniors to lead, then there might be some additional buy-in from some of the other kids,” history teacher Erin Bohn said. 

Despite relatively low involvement on the part of the community at large, students and teachers should rest assured that the administration is listening to their feedback. The program’s goal remains to benefit the community, after all, and Roncalli’s leadership truly cares about helping out as much as possible.

“We’re going to send out a survey to all people that participated–students and teachers–and see what they think; we are also looking at more mental health breaks like the rock paper scissors tournament,” Banich said. “Those activities seemed to have the best feedback.”

With students adjusting to the program and the program adjusting to the students, along with the passage of time, house schedule will at the very least create some degree of positive impact moving forward, working towards building a united, healthy, and more connected Roncalli High School.