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Roncalli’s tangled tinsel of holiday timing

Students and faculty express their opinions over the new Christmas break schedule.
Photo by Isha Tandon
Working on the calendar, Principal Kevin Banich is perfecting the school year schedule.

     The halls of Roncalli are ringing, not with just jingle bells, but with lively discussions over the recent holiday schedule shuffle. In a twist that stirred more buzz than a sleigh bell at a silent night, Mr. Banich’s decision to change Christmas break has left the community decking the halls with mixed emotions.

     Principal, Kevin Banich, channeling his inner Santa with the calendar, explains, “Last year, we started the second semester on January 3rd, and there was as much pushback against returning that quickly after the New Year as there was this year finishing this close to Christmas. Unfortunately, that is just the way the calendar falls when Christmas/New Years is on Sunday or Monday.” Banich reassures by saying “This won’t happen again until the 2028-2029 school year.”

     Students caught in this winter whirlwind feel the Christmas crunch. 

     “Christmas is rushed. It helps with the build-up to Christmas and we won’t have enough time to prepare our hearts”  Senior Jack Davis said. Senior Kate Bellew chimes in from another corner, advocating for a post-New Year break, “I like a week after New Years better because it will allow me to unwind after the two most big holiday parties of the year.”

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     Steering her sleigh through the academic snowstorm, German teacher Frau Hibner wishes the calendar was different.

     “It’s nice when finals week falls closer to a week before Christmas and not right before the weekend of Christmas. Like most people, teachers are either hosting or traveling to meet with friends and family, and it helps to have a longer break of ‘cooldown time’ between finals and Christmas celebrations.”

     Two other students, senior Valeria Lara and sophomore Luke Peats add their festive notes. 

     “We can’t experience the holly jolly part of Christmas since we get out so late. I would rather take the week before to enjoy setting up for Christmas and New Years.” 

Peats prefers the pre-Christmas pause, “I think it’s better before Christmas because New Years is not that big of a holiday for me and Christmas is one of the only times I get to see my extended family.”

     This holiday schedule remix at Roncalli has everyone buzzing like a choir of carolers. As the sounds of debate fill the air, this festive conundrum highlights the challenge of juggling academic calendars with the joy of the season.

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