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AI in the classroom

Are the quick solutions to homework taking away from genuine work?
Photo by Chloe Painchaud
NEW CHALLENGES: English teacher Mrs. Cassie McGill sees the reality of how artificial intelligence (AI) is affecting how students approach their work. One approach, she says, is for teachers to assign more written work in class.

In recent years, the use of generative AI has skyrocketed with the creation of ChatGPT and AI-Writer. Generative AI is a computer program that constantly updates its intelligence. By taking in new information, the program can generate statistically similar copies and create papers or other documents that replicate a human’s work. 

Students across the country have taken advantage of these new tools while writing essays, gathering information for assignments, as well as plagiarizing from other writers. A Forbes study conducted in April of 2023, showed that the use of generative AI will increase more than 37% in the next six years. However, this influx of generative AI sets a dangerous precedent for the next generation of writers and students.

 English teacher Mrs. Cassie McGill has witnessed the effect of AI firsthand, seeing her own students being tempted to use generative AI for essays and papers.

Quality of work ethic has been tempted, if anything. It is so tempting, and easy, to take shortcuts with ChatGPT, the quality of writing will eventually take a hit,” says McGill.

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 These websites have encouraged students to use their programs to aid in the writing process, which introduces and promotes the idea that they can always take the short cut in writing papers and essays. 

Due to the influx of generative AI, some teachers have developed strategies on how to override the use of Chat GPT in the classroom. More recently,, a program with a built in AI checker and plagiarism scale, has been implemented by teachers on Canvas when checking essays or other assignments. 

McGill also stated that she would not be surprised if more handwritten essays occur in a timed class setting.  By taking extra precautions, schools have been able to combat the use of generative AI in schools. 

Students, like junior Mia Nettles notice the harmful nature of AI in their classes. While Nettles does not use AI herself, she understands how tempting it can be when doing her homework.

 “Many people see AI as an easy way out of school work and, for many students who are dealing with very stressful schedules, using AI on one or two assignments seems like a harmless way to save time,” Nettles said.

 Students are always tempted to take the easy way out when it comes to homework at night. They have jobs, sports, and other extracurricular activities that take up most of our time and might want to use AI. 

However,  Nettles adds that  “AI is good at finding patterns and processing data but humans are better with creativity and problem-solving.”

Instead of using AI to generate information for class work, it can be used to review previous work and aid in creating more complex sentence structures or better word choices. One way we can use AI in this way is by utilizing Grammarly for papers or other assignments. In addition, teachers can also make use of AI, websites like Quizizz have added additional AI programs into their games in order to give the students a more personalized experience. 

AI is an ever advancing technology that has been taking over some student’s lives, but it does not need to be used in skills students need, like writing essays or papers. By understanding that AI can be used in constructive ways to aid students and teachers by checking grammar or assisting in lesson plans. Even though AI technology is available to take the easy way out in homework, nothing is better than original work. 


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