Canned Food Drive 2022

Drive kicks off August 22nd


Photo by Julie Albertson

Promoting the canned food drive, junior Anna Povinelli encourages students to participate in this years’ drive.

Help Roncalli feed the hungry of Indianapolis. The community has been doing this for more than a decade! By donating cans or money, students and staff will be able to give food to the hungry. 

When is it? August 22nd-26th

How much should I donate? $35 or 70 cans per student OR $60 and 110 cans per family. 

How can I donate? NEW THIS YEAR: Early drop off will be offered Friday, August 19th after school. This will be the first opportunity to turn in money in order to be out of uniform beginning the following week.

 NO CANS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT EARLY DROP OFF ON FRIDAY August 19. You will also be able to donate cans or money before school on August 22nd-26th in the BC gym. There are NO after school donation times during the week of the drive this year. 

What would I get? The good feeling of helping out those in need!  You also get out-of-uniform days for the remainder of the week once you donate. If you donate on August 19 or the morning of August 22, you can be out-of-uniform Monday-Friday!

Sponsored by RHS Student Council