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The impact of Lent

How Lenten promises are affecting the students and staff
Father Bob Robeson applies ashes on President Chuck Weisenbach during Mass on Ash Wednesday.

             A big part of Lent is the sacrifices and commitments that are made. Roncalli students appear to be significantly impacted by the Lenten changes. 

Junior Lucia Allen chose a commitment this Lent, something that most people might not think of. Allen chose to stop listening to music in the car but instead drive in silence and reflect. 

“It has made me realize that just a few minutes of silence a day, and using it to reflect or talk to God can really help you more than you think it can,” Allen said.

Choosing silence over the constant noise of life can truly help you realize how great and powerful God is. Even when you are struggling, God shows Himself in influential ways. 

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Something similar to reflection is junior James Dozier’s commitment. Dozier chose to work on “bettering” his attitude. 

“Working on my attitude has allowed me to be more true to myself,” Dozier said.

Dozier uses the phrase “true to myself”. When you are true to yourself, you are true to God. Being true to God helps you become closer to God and become stronger in your Faith. Lent is supposed to bring you closer to God in preparation for Easter. Lent is full of prayer, repentance, and simple living. 

Another component of Lent is sacrifice. Both Allen and Dozier chose commitment this Lent, but junior Isabelle Fletcher chose sacrifice. Fletcher chose to give up Dunkin’ Donuts. 

A lot of people, especially high school students, are very into coffee drinks and energy drinks. For many it is an everyday drink, which means it can be a very hard sacrifice.

Remembering how much Jesus sacrificed and His love for us helps me keep up with my sacrifice. I try to recognize that it is really just a drink and not near as deep as the ultimate sacrifice in which Jesus made,” Fletcher said.

During Lent, many people complete “the steps of Lent” which include getting ashes on Ash Wednesday, making a commitment or sacrifice, and attending Easter Sunday mass, but some never think about the reason and meaning behind these “steps”. Not only should you think about what you do during Lent, but you should also think about the reasons for Lent, and the powerful meanings behind Lent. Like Fletcher said, the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us does not compare to the things we commit to or sacrifice during Lent.

During Lent, you should take time to remember God’s ultimate sacrifice, and work hard to strengthen your faith and relationship with God.

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