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New year, new faces

The Roncalli family welcomes many new Royal teachers this year
Ms. Sophie Podgosrki  (photo submitted)


Madam Julia Sands (Photo by Lifetouch National School Studios Inc.)

A new school year always brings many new faces. This year, many of those new faces are teachers. 2 of those teachers are Ms. Sophie Podgorski and Madame Julia Sands. Both Podgorski and Sands were asked a few questions about what brought them here today.

For many teachers, they are inspired by someone in their family, Podgorski and Sands say the same. They both were inspired by relatives starting at a young age. Podogorski was inspired by her mom, who has a great love for teaching and always told her daughter that she would be a great teacher. Podgorski took that advice from her mom and is making the most of it.  Sands was inspired by her mom and grandparents, who were all teachers. Sands could always see their passion for teaching, even when she was young. That passion rubbed off on her and she shares that with her students every day.

Teachers often say that Roncalli is more than a school and more like a family. Wherever you go, you can find people who went to Roncalli.

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“It’s been a welcome surprise to discover how well-known and beloved the school is in the wider community. I met someone in my neighborhood last month whose whole extended family had gone to Roncalli. There is something very special about joining such a beloved institution,” said Sands.

Not only is Roncalli beloved, but also Catholic education in general. 

“I applied to Roncalli because I went to Marian and really enjoyed my Catholic education, so I wanted to work somewhere similar,” said Podgorski.

School lunch sometimes sounds questionable, but at Roncalli, it’s something many people look forward to. Everyone has their favorite lunch. A fan favorite between students and staff is chicken nuggets and nacho bar every Friday.

“I think the Friday chicken nuggets are truly fantastic,” said Sands.

Podgorski also said her favorite lunch was chicken nuggets. 

We are very grateful and excited for our new additions to the Royal family. Everyone at Roncalli wishes them the very best.

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